Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ulduar gear - Rant

Warning: Long rant ahead!

Well, we've been seeing alot of prospective items from the Ulduar bosses and I gotta say when it comes to the spell power plate, I am NOT impressed. Just because the level of the item is higher, it does not automatically make it attractive (see my previous post comparing plate heal boots currently available in game).

In fact, all of the items I have seen so far have mp5 on them and either have crit or haste not both. This irked paladins on the forums that many have posted complaints on the WoW forums about how elemental shaman gear is more attractive, subsequently leading to troll comments about how if our mana regen weren't OP then maybe mp5 would be more attractive to us. =(

Well, unless you are a FoL spammer, mp5 is not attractive at all!! And even then, considering all the raid buffs you get, intellect will stack considerably better than flat mp5!! To me, mp5 is just a waste of itemization. Even though I used FoL way more in TBC, I still stacked intellect predominantly. Even now, I tend to ignore mp5 when comparing gear. However, it seems as if Blizzard wants paladins to mix and match gear by choosing which pieces will have haste and which will have crit but forcing us to have mp5 on everything! This really pisses me off!

If Blizzard want mp5 to be more attractive, instead of forcing us to have mp5 on gear, make it so that somehow we need mp5 to regen better (or better yet, itemize gear right -.-). As of now, Divine Plea works on our intellect, so the more we stack, the more mana we regen. The incoming nerf to Spiritual Attunement will just make Divine Plea even more important when it comes to mana regen for paladins! Replenishment also works off our mana, so the more we have, the more it regens!

On top of that, we gain spell power based on 20% of our intellect and as well as a fair amount of crit just by stacking intellect!! We also have Divine Illumination but that works on our chance to crit during the period of time we proc it, which has nothing to do with mp5 but our intellect will improve our crit rating. This makes intellect way more important than mp5 already!

How a paladin regens mana depends more on our ability to spam then for us to not cast for x amount of time like a priest or druid (O5SR). Let me clarify, when we proc Divine Illumination, we see greater returns in mana when we spam compared to letting passive regen work! Hence we must spam heals and pray for alot of crits during this time period. So if we use Divine Illumination, we waste the CD if we do not spam! Get it?

So I really don't appreciate trolls telling us that a passive mana regen stat like mp5 is great for paladins when it has never ever been a big part of our mana regen controls!

In a raid, people usually have Arcane Brilliance, Kings, Mark of the Wild on top of flasks that can increase intellect while for mp5, you have basically Spirit and Blessing of Wisdom only. Thus, my baseline intellect will see a drastic increase in raid compared to mp5. That's how I can be 24k mana unbuffed but see a 28k mana pool in raid! And since intellect affects both my spell power and crit rating, those 2 stats will also see an increase because my intellect got buffed. What about my mp5? It is a measly 70ish mp5 ooc unbuffed and the highest it ever gets is if I proc Divine Plea in raid -.-

Since intellect scales so well with gear as well as raid buffs in comparison to mp5, why would a paladin choose mp5 over intellect when it comes to mana regen then??!

Blizzard, itemize paladin gear right in Ulduar please!

I really hope the T8 set will actually be attractive when it comes to stats!

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  1. I tend to agree with most of these comments, I to play a (mostly) holy paladin, and raid pretty hardcore. (character name is Faught, ShC guild of Ruin). I would have to say at the moment I have only seen a a ring, neck, and trinket that have really gotten me thinking "damn that is nice" while most of the other items leave me thinking "side grade" or "very slight upgrade"

    I suppose in the end the content and what nerfs blizzard has in store for us in the future will make the difference but for now the gearing choices are pretty lame.


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