Saturday, March 21, 2009

Failed Undying

So I just tried to do an Undying run. Tried. Needless to say, I am not :insertnamehere: the Undying.

We were on the very last boss of the last wing (Spider, Maexxna). The boss is literally at 1% health and we get webwrapped. The tank had no hots, healing debuff. We see his hp inch down down down and we come out of webwrap, but it's too late. MT dies and 2nd in aggro gets gibbed immediately (a lock). Everyone lets out a collective groan and 2 seconds later, Maaexxna goes down.

It was so demoralizing to do so well and be so close to getting the Undying that everyone just lost focus after that.

We actually wipe on Sapphiron because the MT died again as well as a healer dying because they hid behind an iceblock and wasn't out of line of sight (LOS). Our 2nd try, my boyfriend and another dps also died because they misjudged when to LOS during the air phase. We managed to get Sapphiron down but it was messy.

Then on to Kel'Thuzad. Oh boy, was that a mess.

Our MT went down again, the OT picked KT up and MT was brezzed. We're swimming along and then our OT tanking KT fails to avoid a void zone, dies and our MT has to pick up KT. This is when the adds choose to show their face. The adds kill 2 people. In the middle of this mess, someone gets iceblocked and dies I believe while the healers are running like mad to avoid the MT running after the adds and void zones. In the end, the MT manages to regain control and we down KT but that was very very nearly a wipe.

"Good recovery, guys," my boyfriend says over vent.

But I still think, "we failed" because we're not Undying.

I know there is always next week but we were so close, it was just ultra disappointing.

We went from a high spirited mood down to a low disappointment. We had an excellent group set up with the right raid make up with good heals, dps and tanks. We were having fun and all focused on the task at hand. Once the Undying was out of reach, that mood just disappeared.

I suppose it is all in the eyes of the beholder though. Some people would say we did well, we had no wipes except for Sapphiron and a lot of people got achievements that day such as: The Hundred Club and The Safety Dance. We had a priest healer that just dinged 80 this week get a lot of nice upgrades. We got a Deathsbite for our MT, who is dps in 25 mans. So I suppose it wasn't a total loss, I just have to get over the disappointment from my unrealized ambitions.

Just that for now, I'm still sad.

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