Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weapon Enchants in Cataclysm

Every single healer I know has the same weapon enchant and for good reason, 63 SP is nothing to scoff at for any healer. However, there is 1 crucial element lacking in this enchant.


Blizzard, give us back our sparkly weapons! Make them glow for real again, so people know that we mean business. We're healers, we should glow because we're full of healing thingies!

Every one raids for epic pixels but I don't understand why in WotLK, Blizzard choose to take away one of the perks to getting epics. The whole magpie effect of the sparkly goodness!

Compare TBC enchants with WotLK enchants, luminosity dropped by a ton! I mean, even +2 beastslaying has a glow for crying out loud! How can that look more uber than +63 SP? Mind boggling!

Ditch the subtle, make it loud and obvious!

Cataclysm, bling bling sparkly weapons. Make it happen!

P.S. Yay for new Header! My gear was really outdated in the old header image =X

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PVP Progression

In season 7 when I first started doing arena much more consistently than in the past and even so, on a pretty casual basis, I was only able to reach the 1900s bracket. The Relentless shoulders eluded me despite me wanting the pretty shoulders so I could match!

This season in S8, I am happy to report I have finally been able to get the Wrathful shoulders! My next goal is 2200 rating! The weapon at 2200 is so tasty! I actually use my 1800 weapon to PVE raid so a 2200 weapon would be great!


I originally played Ele/Hpally/warr in S7 and then my boyfriend decided he wanted to be enhance so we went to enh/Hpally/warr in S7. The switch didn't work out as well because he was much squishier as enhance.

The weird thing about my boyfriend is that despite his mage being his main, he actually likes to play melee classes more. So with the enhance shaman set up not working out as well, he decided to level a DK so we could play TSG.

Keep in mind, all these switches were done in S7!! And people say girls can't make up their minds! Well, to be fair, he didn't switch to his DK just yet but his decision to do so was made in S7 but he used the transition period between S7 and S8 to gather the gear to be arena ready.

As for me, transitioning from ele/h. pally/warr to enh/h. pally/warr and finally, TSG, it took me a bit. This is because the pace of the arena matches change drastically.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Suggestions for Cataclysm

Now that the Lich King is out and with guilds actively working on Heroic mode Lich King in 25s, people are starting to look ahead with more urgency towards the impending Cataclysm release. We have already been hearing rumors and tidbits for weeks now. The complete overhaul of stats, talents and class balance changes stand to reinvent WoW for the 3rd time over.

The question is: Will WoW players like it?

Everyone and their mother have their own opinion on what types of changes should be made and what should not change. Here is my take on it, though for holy paladins since that is the particular class I am concerned with =P

What type of WoW player are you?

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