Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PVP Progression

In season 7 when I first started doing arena much more consistently than in the past and even so, on a pretty casual basis, I was only able to reach the 1900s bracket. The Relentless shoulders eluded me despite me wanting the pretty shoulders so I could match!

This season in S8, I am happy to report I have finally been able to get the Wrathful shoulders! My next goal is 2200 rating! The weapon at 2200 is so tasty! I actually use my 1800 weapon to PVE raid so a 2200 weapon would be great!


I originally played Ele/Hpally/warr in S7 and then my boyfriend decided he wanted to be enhance so we went to enh/Hpally/warr in S7. The switch didn't work out as well because he was much squishier as enhance.

The weird thing about my boyfriend is that despite his mage being his main, he actually likes to play melee classes more. So with the enhance shaman set up not working out as well, he decided to level a DK so we could play TSG.

Keep in mind, all these switches were done in S7!! And people say girls can't make up their minds! Well, to be fair, he didn't switch to his DK just yet but his decision to do so was made in S7 but he used the transition period between S7 and S8 to gather the gear to be arena ready.

As for me, transitioning from ele/h. pally/warr to enh/h. pally/warr and finally, TSG, it took me a bit. This is because the pace of the arena matches change drastically.

When we played ele/h.pally/warr, it felt like when matches dragged on, the tide would slowly turn in our favor. Subsequently, I got used to spacing out my CDs as longevity was key and I needed to make sure I always had a CD available for when a teammate was getting focused on. Constant pressure was a problem as my boyfriend felt he could not switch targets fast enough as ele since he had to reset his pressure. I really think the problem is that he hated being focused on so often and he felt so supplemental since he usually purged spammed a lot rather than getting those nice big hits that he likes so much.

As enh/h.pally/warr, the paces of the match quickened significantly. I had to get used to popping my CDs a bit faster because his enh shaman was so much squishier as he lacked the 30% mitigation when stunned as ele. Even so, very hard to heal him through that. My gear also may have not been set up right as I was still focusing on int gems mostly rather than throughput for shorter matches.

In S8 as TSG, I didn't think this was possible but the matches got even more frenetic. There are times when I feel I am not popping my CDs fast enough if we lose and I still had some CDs up other times when I maybe popped them too fast because we lose with me having no CDs available. I am still learning but it is hard to train split second judgment calls. Another big difference for me was using bubble as a preventative measure for CC chains rather than as a defensive CD for when I got focused. To supplement my own personal defensive CDs, I added Glyph of Salvation so I had something to pop before I resorted to bubble when focused.

Playing TSG, I hate spell cleave and double healer teams because they don't even need to play well and can still beat us. Against anything prot, it is annoying too. There are so many varieties of teams out there that I think despite people joking of being easily "WotLK-ed" (bursted), PVP balance seems the fairest in this expansion than any other.

Even so, I sincerely hope prot pallies get appropriately nerfed for arena without their PVE capability being affected as prot warriors' nerf went live with 3.3.3 patch. The fact that tanks can PVP seems broken to me as their high HP, mitigation along with damage and utility is just too much to me especially when paired with certain other classes that allow them free reign.

I haven't played TSG since the patch but my warrior got nerfed while my boyfriend's DK got buffed so perhaps the nerf/buff will cancel each other out.

I haven't done that many BGs since the daily random BG change but on my horde-heavy battlegroup, I notice many people being rather squishy. There are way more casual PVPers with only a smattering of Deadly pieces. That's fine and all but I really detest when people feel like they have to talk smack when we are losing as if they didn't play a part in the loss at all!

Anyway, random PVP centric post but I feel like in game, my character is stuck in limbo. PVE wise, my guild hasn't been able to get many attempts on learning 25 man Lich King and PVP wise, we have been stuck around 2000 rating for a bit. Real life issues has also been cropping up for me as well and my schedule to play WoW is significantly worse than in the past.

So I would to thank all of your for continuing to read my little blog despite my inconsistency. I still lurk around in the WoW blogosphere =P

Till next time!

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