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I am a paladin. More specifically, I am a level 80 holy paladin in the Blizzard game, World of Warcraft. Though there are 3 specs for paladins, I predominantly raid and PVP as holy though I have had experience with the prot tree. As such, this blog will focus on my experiences as a holy paladin.
As for my character, I strive for anonymity because
  1. It is a habit of mine to remain as anonymous as possible on the internet
  2. I may write posts detailing specific events in game and I do not want to make it public exactly who I am talking about
  3. I would feel weird if someone I didn't know talked to me in game about my blog as I get embarrassed easily and don't want to be harassed in game.
  4. My character is named after my real life name. Yes, I know that is stupid but my paladin is my only level 80 character and I stuck with her nearly from the very beginning.
I also play WoW with my boyfriend, who is a mage, along with some friends we met along the way as well as people we know in real life. This blog is basically to chronicle random thoughts I have while raiding and whatever though I will try to be helpful when it comes to the holy paladin.
So there you have it. I hope this is sufficient as an introduction =)

My Character Specs - Updated 5/16/10
Current Gear:

Talents & Glyphs: PVE & PVP

Thank you for reading my blog!

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