Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So apparently I lied about posting right away =D Well, can't be helped. I've been busy with school and with my WoW "career." I recently switched to a new guild with my boyfriend (arcane mage) and we already attained raider status after 2 raids. I guess we wowed the officers with our performance in our first week of raiding =)

I really like my new guild and it is such a relief to be in a guild that raids well and seems relaxed and fun. It had seemed like for the past half year or so, there was a lot of e-drama. It is definitely more fun on the outside of e-drama than it is in the middle of the nitty gritty.

Well, yesterday we managed to one shot Naxxramas despite major lagfest that has been going on. Kel'thuzad was quite frustrating for us this week with 3 tries before we finally got him down as compared to last week when we one shot him with no wipes. We did one shot all the other Naxx bosses and got achievements =)
I also managed to get Valorous Redemption Tunic to complete 4 piece set of t7.5 so I was very happy. The new guild works on a epgp system, which is completely new to me. My previous guilds did roll offs, dkp or loot council. It seems to be working out ok.

So I guess I'm a hardcore casual player. I've been playing since TBC and I never felt I was hardcore but I certainly am not casual as you can see from some of my old achievements:
I was always raider status and part of the group responsible for progression. This new guild is a first for me in that they already did Malygos and cleared Naxx without me. I managed to be in on some firsts though with the new guild though such as: So I don't feel like I am being carried. All in all, I am pretty happy with this guild though things aren't perfect - I really like our raid leader and it seems the loot system isn't biased like how loot council can be.

I'm waiting for 3.1 and Ulduar! Seems like there is more variety and streamlining going on for the paladin class in general so I am waiting with bated breath =)

Till next time!

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