Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello from Utgarde Pinnacle!

Okay, time to raid! Today is 25 man Malygos, OS and Vault =)

Kind of surreal how we can clear all 25 man content in 2 days now...

Edit: Lagfest today, we did 25 man OS 1 drake up with 4 holy pallies and 1 shammy as healers, it was difficult but we got it. We had 1 holy pally that kept dc-ing and a holy priest that dc, to never return. We also did 25 man Vault after fighting for Wintergrasp and did Malygos when a resto druid logged on as well as pugging another resto druid. So 25 man content is done for the week. Disappointing we had to pug but when people are having connection issues all around or don't show up, can't be helped =T

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  1. Yeah i was lagging bad too. I need to buy a new computer!!


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