As the author of this blog, I generally make it easy to comment on my blog entries whenever I post. This is because I know that even though it takes 10 extra seconds to type in a word to verify a comment, it can lead to frustrations such as accidentally erasing your comment, etc.

I have now added Intense Debate so there will be some light moderation available. If you are anonymous, I will have to approve your comment. Those of you who comment using Intense Debate accounts or Word Press will have your comments automatically approved. If the Intense Debate functionality runs into any problems, please let me know via email! Thanks in advance.

Anyway back to the topic.

Even though everyone is free to express their minds, etc. I will lay down some general guidelines to follow if you don't want your comment deleted.
  1. Don't be rude or profane or insulting. I can choose to respond to your comment or just delete it.
  2. No spamming. This blog is NOT for you to advertise your site. If it's blatant, I WILL delete the comment. I don't care if you have a website linked to your commenter name but a website link in the actual comment? Come on.
  3. Be coherent. If I can't understand you, then I will delete you because I think you're a robot trying to talk.
  4. Your comment is automatically deleted if you use certain keywords such as "n*gger." I will add any additional keywords that I feel is necessary (and not too inclusive) at my own discretion.
  5. The Akismet spam filter of Intense Debate is also active. I am unsure at this point if it can delete actual comments but I shall have to see if it is obstructive.

I may add more guidelines if necessary in the future.

Remember, this is MY blog so I will keep it clean however I see fit.

Happy commenting!

Updated 4/26/10

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