Monday, March 16, 2009


So ever since starting this blog, I got into the habit of screen shotting more often. I never used to screen shot even during moments that I wanted to remember. I don't even know why because I am basically catering to my boyfriend =X But even though my boyfriend is my only reader, I am glad that at least I got into the habit of screen shotting because of this blog.

Why am I thinking about this? Well, I came across my boyfriend's screenshot folder and as I sorted through them for the very few ones I had taken, I really became nolstalgic. All those screen shots, even if they were bad or boring, represented a snapshot in time and alot of times, I would be sharply brought back to the past and remember people or events.

That is why I really regret not having screen shots of much of my WoW "career" because with the passage of time, memories becomes blurry as if behind a thin veil. Screenshots are the photographs of WoW, they bring the distant memories out of the fog and let you reflect on the past, the present and the future.

Looking back to the past is the only we can really feel the magnitude or impact of what we have experienced. Whether the travel back to the past is a meandering, leisurely walk or a twisted dark road, remembering the past is important because it allows us to understand what brought us to this point in the present. I guess I am rambling now but I do think time heals all wounds and the grass looks greener on the other side =)

So it's strange that I never got into the screenshot habit because I used to have a paparazzi like photography habit =X Oh well, better late than never I say.

Anyway without further ado, here are some screenshots =)
I came across the naked bug in Dalaran. I've seen it before but it just looked really weird seeing it in the city =X
Here I am in Outlands. I actually sort of miss Outlands just because of the beautifully colored sky but WotLK scenery and zone design is much better. I am on the "sperm" mount as my boyfriend likes to call it, lol.
I don't get why Kel'Thuzad needs such a big ass throne =X
After downing 25 man OS 1 drake up this week, I'm disappointed we couldn't make some attempts on 25 man OS 3d because we lacked the right raid make up but a new raid week is coming up.
How I look like in my PVP gear, I quite like it. Sort of like a valkyrie =X My PVP gear is mostly the blue Savage Gladiator pieces that I bought with Emblems of Heroism but I definitely don't PVP much in WotLK anyway for that to matter much.
My first encounter with the terrible cube head! Lol, I heard about this but this was the first time seeing it in game. The person was transformed in to a walrus via the Underbelly elixir that randomly spawns in the Dalaran sewers and when someone threw a pumpkin on him, there was no animation available so a cube head resulted. Really quite interesting. (On a side note, I love messing around with Underbelly elixirs, I'll have to get screenshots of some of their interesting effects.)
Lol, I hate being transformed into the big Nordic looking female because when I move, I feel like I am so slow even though I am really the same speed but it's because I am humongous. Gotta admit, it looks really hilarious, big ass blue girl basically breaking the poor mount's back =P
Last but not least, I was just running around to UC on the way to Org on my bank alt and I saw the floor of upper UC, I thought it looked really pretty so I took a screen shot, noting there was some blood splatter indicating some type of past violence taking place on the spot. I showed this screen shot to my boyfriend and he told me that was where Arthas killed his father O.o

Hope you enjoyed my screenshots! If I have readers out there, please say hi! Anyway, till next time! =)


  1. But even though my boyfriend is my only reader, I am glad that at least I got into the habit of screen shotting because of this blog.

    wow... dont tell my wife :D

  2. We really need a steady core of 25 if we want 3D

  3. Hi!

    Just stumbled on your blog from WoW Headlines. Keep up the good work!

  4. i read your blogs :) they are fun :)


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