Thursday, March 5, 2009

Healing Charts

So one of the WoW blogs I like to read is Siha's Banana Shoulders. One of her entries is about judging in raids for all paladin specs. I liked her post and agreed with most of what was said and hurriedly typed out a comment (plus a 2nd one because I forgot to say I raid with a crapload of paladins).

Then I realized that with my comment, I was basically saying I cared about the heal charts because retribution paladins have out healed the other holy paladins in some boss fights. Which she also griped against. Doh!

In an unthinking moment of commenting, I basically told her I didn't really read her blog entry along with saying something in a way that could be easily misunderstood. -.-

Let me illustrate the point I was trying to make then by looking at a WWS of a raid in my guild:Now before you think that all of my healing done is purely JoL, here is the breakdown of my healing for all the boss fights:

So JoL comprised 21% of my total healing but with 70% overheal, that doesn't translate to much effective healing at all. Compare the percentage of healing done by Holy Light and Flash of Light along with their respective overheal percentages - HL and FoL comprise a better part of my healing done compared to JoL.

I did judge alot in the boss fights though, almost as soon as it came off cool down. This is because I made it a habit so my haste buff will almost always have a 100% uptime in raid, even when things get kinda crazy!

Let's take a look at Holy pally 1, who was 2nd in effective healing done out of all the paladins:

Would his absence of JoL make up for the difference of 6% (~2.2 million) of effective healing?? No way! Same goes for the other 2 holy paladins. He did judge though but not JoL, which is why it doesn't show up in his healing done.

Judging is important but they should not be the bread and butter of your effective healing done!

Though I'm not sure why the other holy paladins did not do more effective healing, it could be because of spec, stats, heal assignments, etc. For example, the holy priest missed almost half the raid but she did alot of healing when you take this into account!

The WWS is merely a tool for you to see how effective you are using your healing spells. NOT for epeen!!

Bottom line: Judge often but don't expect it to take you to the top of the heal charts!

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