Monday, March 2, 2009

UI Changes

So I downloaded a new add on called Spartan UI for a complete visual overhaul of my user interface (aka UI). I had been using the Blizzard default UI with a couple of other add ons but the usage of this new UI changes the look of my normal interface pretty drastically. It also came with bartender4 so the action bars could fit in with the modded look.

I also used another ui replace addon called nUI but after a while, I disliked how small the action bars were and the ui seemed very boxy to me. There were also bugs with vehicles and whatnot, etc. The use of a built in HUD was nice but in the end, I felt that the HUD was not needed since I use Grid for healing during raids.

So what you think?

*Edit: So I went back to my default UI but I did find a new add on to make it more aesthetically pleasing called Adapt. Basically, it adds 3D character portraits, similar to Xperl.
And here is my UI in action:
I guess I got bored of my normal UI and tried to change it but honestly, SpartanUI was starting to interfere with my SexyMap mod by making lua errors pop up so I just reverted to my old UI. Basically, too much tweaking would be needed to make my UI adhere to my personal preferences and specifications. I also didn't seem to open up that much screen space, so I just removed it.

I actually use alot of add ons even though ultimately, I still use the default Blizzard UI for my action bars. Here is a list of all the add ons I use (in order of decreasing importance):

These add ons are what I use to raid with and really dislike being without in raid =)

  1. Grid - raid frames, I love love love this add on
  2. GridManaBars - Adds mana bars to Grid =)
  3. Deadly Boss Mods - absolute must for raiding. An alternative is Big wigs.
  4. PallyPower - makes it easy to delegate who has responsibility for what buffs among pallies in raid. It is great for 25 man raids. ZOMGBuffs is another add on that is also popular.
  5. Quartz - It is an alternative to the default Blizzard casting bar. The difference is that you can move around where your casting bar shows up and it also accounts for latency.
  6. Decursive - even though Grid shows debuffs, you still have to click on target and cleanse. This add on makes cleansing into an easy, fast, one click process.
  7. Outfitter - creates "outfits" that you can change to with 1 click of the mouse, what's not to love? There is also Itemrack, which is similar.
  8. Recount - keeps track of damage and healing done, not necessary but it is good if you like to keep track of your performance in raid (Ex: healing done in Lothaeb).
  9. Omen - it isn't very important for a healer because you shouldn't be getting heal aggro but since I spec prot at times, it is good to see my threat generation.
Some of my not so important add ons but I love them anyway:

  1. Atlasloot - this add on shows you what kind of gear there is available in game along with where and/or how you get it.
  2. MikScrollingBattleText - basically changes how the numbers pops up on your screen. Other similar add ons are Parrot, SCT, etc
  3. Gladius - I find this add on much better than Proximo when it comes to arena
  4. SexyMap - reskins the minimap and makes it look... well, sexy!
  5. TitanPanel - basically is a bar on my screen that lets me know at a glance my durability, time, etc whatever I have configured.
  6. WIM - configures all whispers so that they pop up like AIM
  7. Adapt - makes all your character portraits 3D instead =D
That makes for a grand total of 16 add ons! It is strange though how 1 add on like nUI or SpartanUI drastically changes the entire look than the previously mentioned 16 add ons. What do your UIs look like?

Till next time!

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  1. I don't like using a new interface only bc i gotta get used to it


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