Thursday, March 5, 2009

UI & Miscellaneous thoughts

This was the UI I was using when I did 25 man Sartharion 2 drakes up. It was a new add on called SunnArt. Basically it converts your screen so the viewing area is not being covered up by action bars or add ons. It's easier to see the difference with a before and after what this add on does. I hate having to redo UIs and most likely I will since I plan on reformatting my laptop due to the low fps I was experiencing during this raid and today's raid.

Some items I got recently:

Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris, which leads to a quest to kill 25 man Malygos. Out of the quest rewards, I will most likely choose this neck (rather than the haste neck because of the gem slot) when we kill Malygos next week. Usually we clear Naxx and then go to OS, Malygos on the 2nd raid but this week we reversed it, so I have to wait until after Tuesday. Just my luck! =X

And for offset I also got a tanking weapon to play with since none of our tanks wanted it! It looks pretty sweet too though I think I prefer the look of the UP tanking sword. Still, I can't complain =) Screenshots incoming!

I think maybe in one post I will show my tank gear but to be honest, other than basic threat generation and positioning skills, I am definitely not a tanking expert. To me, prot is a last resort because I am much better at holy. So even with the advent of Dual spec, I will never consider prot one of my two "main" specs. For a hybrid class to claim 2 main specs, though possible, is unfair for the other "pure" classes since in most cases a player will play 1 particular spec with the most expertise.

Till next time!

*Edit: I came across this hilarious video, completely non-WoW related but it's short and sweet. Enjoy!

ROFL! I'm off to take my 2 exams and then it's spring break!! Woot!!

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