Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alts & Leveling

So even though I am level 80, it is my only high level character. I have a purgatory of characters doomed to be lowbies =X

I just never got into the leveling aspect of the game. Even with my paladin, it basically took me about a year of on and off leveling to hit the max level at the time, which was 70. Since my boyfriend had already been level 70, I was basically mostly left to my own devices though he did help power level me in the 1-30 and once I hit Outlands. Leveling to 80 in the expansion was the fastest I've ever leveled, which took about a week, but only because I had my boyfriend as my leveling partner this time around.
I also managed to do the Deathknight story line but if you complete that, your DK is only around level 58, a mere gain of 3 levels. Yet I had the ambition to level up BS (though not yet maxed) for my DK just because I thought it would be nice to be able to make myself belt buckles whenever I wanted. =X

Even with the addition of Bind to Account items that you purchase with Emblems of Heroism, I still never got around to leveling much. My priest that I was planning on twinking at level 29 is still languishing at level 18 for instance. I even got her the BoA trinkets (two of them!) and the shoulders, which I also spent 10k honor to enchant! Her engineering is also maxed for her level so she has a nice twink helm. Yet I still don't level her... Oh well, maybe when I'm more bored. =X
There is of course the prerequisite bankalt. I only recently moved them to Orgrimmar to conduct business but if I finally wind up maxing out my fishing and doing some achievements, I hope to pimp out my bankalt with the random white accessories you can fish up.
Anyway, here is a screenshot of the sweet looking tank weapon I got the other day in 25 man Naxx, along with my current tanking shield. My tank set is actually pretty nice and I spent some time today tweaking it around with gemming and what not since I also got some extra items off 10 man Naxx for my tank set. I even bought the badge ring with my valor badges along with the badge belt with my heroism badges. I guess I got really into tweaking my prot set =X
Well this is sort of a fluffy post but I have posted enough blocks of text recently =)

And yes, all of my characters are blood elves but I like them because they are pretty =)

Till next time!!

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