Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's sort of funny how much things change. I mean if you think about it, our character never really changes in physical looks unless you pay for it. What we wind up working for in WoW is for the pretty skin that the clothes, ie gear, our character wears in game. Sure said gear has pretty stats but what it comes down to are pretty pixels. And when it comes to tier sets, you start looking like alot of people. I feel like there was more variety in TBC. Well here is how my paladin looks now.
Here is how my paladin looked then, I actually still kept some of the stuff around. The picture on the right is what I used to look like mostly. Before I got the t6 shoulders though, I used to use the Mount Hyjal shoulders. It looked so gross I felt but I slowly got used to it. And yes, I did raid with my S4 stuff =X

Right now for paladins, there are only 2 basic skins available: the tier 7 look and the blue armor set that looks like the beginner's DK gear. It is kind of boring but I guess it is easy to tell from a glance who is what class. Basically each piece that dropped that was non tier would have their own look. Who can forget the foresty look of ZA gear? So alot of people wound up looking mismatched but everyone looked so unique. There is alot more homogenization right now but I guess that's necessary in order to cater to people's wish of matching. I'm guilty of this as well =X

I really love the look of the priest class in general. They have been getting the best tier set looks, except for tier 8, which I really do not like =X I miss my t6 crown so much and I envy the t7 priest look, a halo!

With that said, the tier 8 look for paladins is very different from TBC and t7, it is very un-paladin. In fact, alot of other classes look more armored than the paladin tier set, which is odd as paladins have always looked like they wore plate.
So what do you think about tier 8 looks?

Anyway, just some ramblings that I jotted down. Till next time!

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