Saturday, March 7, 2009

Preparing for Ulduar

So everyone knows that Patch 3.1 is going to come out with ETA of 1-2 months. Right now we're being bombarded with news almost daily of class changes, item additions, boss strategies, etc. It is a little hectic to sort through all that.

Even if you keep up to date on everything, there is no guarantee you will know exactly what is in store for patch 3.1, so how can you prepare for when it goes live?
  1. Keep raiding - right now content is very easy and completely puggable, there is no way you can't do at least one 25 man raid a week. Vault of Archavon, anyone? Ulduar is going to be a step up in difficulty and if you want to get through Ulduar, you need better gear. Even if you don't get the drops you want, you can always use the Emblems of Valor/Heroism to buy upgrades. Now's the time to push progression because you will be left behind in the dust when Ulduar is released. Who wants to do Malygos or Sartharion 3 drakes up when there is a whole new instance to explore and raid? No attunement too?! Exactly!
  2. Do dailies - Dual spec is something that alot of people are excited about or nervous about, depending on who you ask. The thing is it costs 1000g! Also, if you want an upgrade of the Kirin Tor ring, it is an extra 1000g on top of the price you pay for the ring (if you don't have it already). There are also a ton of new glyphs that will come out and can be selling for exorbitant prices due to their initial rarity. No matter what you want to get from the many new things included in 3.1, it is always good to have some gold on hand for any purchases you might make.
  3. Farm reputation - Have you always put off getting exalted with a faction you need to purchase an item from? Now is the time to do it. Sons of Hodir is practically a necessity as it gives you a shoulder enchant much cheaper than the TBC one along with gold from the dailies.
  4. Farm badges - Sure there is a new badge coming out but does it mean that the old badges are not relevant? No way, with heroism badges you can buy frozen orbs along with rare quality gems for any gem sockets you get in gear. And I bet there will be new items for purchase with Emblems of Valor badges available in the future due to 10 man Ulduar dropping Valor badges.
  5. Achievements - Come 3.1, the proto drake reward will be taken out for raiding achievements on heroic and normal difficulties. Now's the time to do all the achievements you were putting off!
  6. Class changes: Research the changes your class will be going through and plan accordingly. Will your play style change drastically as a result or do you have to gear/gem differently? These are all things you can prepare for before Ulduar drops so you can hit the ground running.
These are some of the things I will be doing in preparation for Ulduar, namely raiding. What are some of your goals before 3.1 goes live?

Till next time!

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