Friday, April 10, 2009

Woot! Finally!

After 2 months of wanting this achievement, I finally got it! I am now "the Undying" DUN DUN DUN!!

Yay! Unbelievably, my raid leader's alt/new-main-in-waiting was also in group and got a crap ton of upgrades too =) This raid run was actually full of bantering on vent and the mood in general was relaxed, unlike our previous runs, which were more tense and sober. Of course there were stressful "OMG" moments here and there but Lady Luck smiled upon us and we got what we set out to achieve.

The only sad thing is that a good friend had a freak power outage and he didn't get a chance to get Undying with us as his power wouldn't be back till tomorrow. Next week will definitely be another go at the achievement so he and maybe other people can get the title.

It's been pretty good this week in terms of raiding after that horrible day of raiding earlier this week. We made significant progress in 25 man OS 3d but it was heartbreaking seeing a wipe as Shadron was at 5% and our MT disconnected. It was ultra frustrating, especially since our MT has been having connection issues for 3 weeks straight.

However, I feel our guild is on the cusp of getting 3d Sarth, the only issue is everybody knows Ulduar is coming out soon. I hope it isn't this upcoming Tuesday so we can get 1 more week to try to finally get 25 man OS 3d down! It would be my first time being in a guild that did all available content before new content was released then =D

BF with TTT (2)
I'm also happy to report that I have finally seen Turning Tide drop in Naxx! This was the first time ever I saw that drop! My boyfriend got it as he was patiently waiting on the drop and was first on the list in terms of EPGP ratio. Now I want to see the Voice of Reason finally drop.

Congratulations, honey!!

BF with TTT (1)
Also, the WWS for the raid where the spriest and her fiancee attended was posted on the guild forums. I perused them and was shocked to find how shitty she did. Her fiancee is literally in greens and blues while she is in mostly epics with some blues yet somehow he out DPS'ed her -.- Keep in mind that they stayed for the entire raid while some people didn't, hence why there are 29 entries in the damage report with them at 15th and 16th place.

Fail Spriest raid meters
So you are fail DPS and have decent gear but you want to complain about hand-me-downs. Ugh! I am SO glad you raid like 1-2x a month ONLY! So FAIL!

The fiancee ^ The shadow priest ^
:end rant:

Anyway, I'm so happy~ Undying!! Finally! It's been a long time coming =)

Now, the next aim in mind if the patch doesn't come out this Tuesday is 10 man OS 3d along with the 25 man version!

Wish me luck! Till next time~ =)


  1. Grats well done, its an awesome title.

    On the fail priests... tell them to gtfo!


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