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Site Changes & WoW Update

Hey guys!

So I'm sure some of you have noticed some of the tweaks I have done to my site such as adding the row of links below my header along with adding feedburner! I finally figured out how to add it and I just redirected my feed though the true implications of that I do not know yet. Yay, I have 40 subscribers! Welcome! Sorry that the first post you guys see after subscribing via feedburner is this drivel =X
Ulduar - First Impressions (3)
I've noticed recently that everyone and their mothers seem to be posting strategy guides to downing bosses in Ulduar so though helpful, I doubt I will post my own. It would take way too much work anyway. I might come up with one when I have a more comprehensive view on Ulduar in general but right now I am still tentatively figuring out my optimal healing style for Ulduar.

My part II of the Updated Ulduar paladin checklist is temporarily on hold because each time I think I am done with adding items for the gear checklist, they keep discovering new pieces that I think are nice, lol. Sorry for the wait but I'll get to cracking on it and hopefully wowhead will update along with loot rank.

I have also been caught up in some guild drama, similar to what I've been reading in the blogosphere. Basically, the weak people that we have to carry in our 25 mans are really revealing themselves as a fatal flaw. Yesterday night, we wiped for 2 hours attempting 25 man Sarth 3D because the same holy paladin that is on MT always always DIES. Yes, not every attempt failed due to that paladin but it left very little room for error, that's for sure. People actually wound up making comments about it, in a mostly tactful fashion I felt but he got very upset.

UI 09-04-21
I don't blame people for finally saying something because every single time we attempt Sarth 3D, he most definitely a stands out as a weak link. He died 7x to void zones and the other times to flame walls. I can't even remember a time he died because it was a wipe and not because he was standing in shit he should not have been standing in. Razorscale later on that night was similarly bad because people kept standing in the fire =( along with random deaths due to the RNG of that fight.

BTW, random people have been gquitting but they were the people that never did anything to improve their gear such as doing heroics or 10 mans, they just waited around for 25 man Naxx invites, which of course they didn't get much. Of those people, the fail spriest I mentioned in a previous post along with her fiancee also gquit. Good riddance to her!

Argent Tournament

I've also managed to become Champion of Silvermoon! Love the new title though I still use "the Undying." Funnily enough the last week, we attempted Undying with my boyfriend's complete nub boomkin irl friend. This guy never been in a dungeon before and couldn't really raid since he lagged so much to the point where he just bought a new computer. So to celebrate him getting his new computer, my boyfriend took him to 10 man Naxx with us along so we could get some abyss crytals and gold.

Most of our people were regulars in our 10 mans but since 5 of us didn't have Undying (new tank we picked up, my resto shammy friend, guy who had freak power outage the previous week and a random guildie to fill a spot), we actually tried for it. Boy, was that a trip, LOL!!

The poor boomkin friend was fretted over nonstop, especially for Heigan. Everyone just kept repeating, "follow square, follow square" and to be honest, we didn't explain fights much just told him to DPS the boss or do this or that. Poor guy was following me since I was the square and I saw in Heigan that he was looking at me the entire time rather than DPSing the boss, LOL! People were screaming frantically on vent during times it looked like he wouldn't follow me but quite frankly, he didn't get hit much at all compared to other people in our group who are experienced! So he got the Safety Dance achievement, lol.

Naxx raid with Boomkin friend

Then for Thaddius, we didn't trust him to switch over for + and - since he has no clue what he is doing. I mean, this is the guy that told my boyfriend he wanted to be a bear tank and when my boyfriend asked "so you want to be feral?" his response was "what is feral?" LOL! So we had him stay up on the platform so he didn't get the charges and he could pew pew fine there. He also got the Shocking achievement.

So at this point, people are saying things like "OMG, his first Naxx and he is going to get Undying!" and making fun of me because it took me so much pain to get that title and I was the one in our group that really really wanted that title BAD. Then our DK tank makes comments like, "wouldn't it be funny if someone else besides him is the one that screws up Undying for us?" Damn jinx. =P

We cleared the 4 wings, up to Sapphiron (the grate being LOS is fixed, btw, found that out the hard way in heroic Naxx =X), getting the 100 club achievement. On a side note, we had 3 shamans so I assumed that we would have a totem down for frost resist but all the shamans thought I would have my aura up, LOL! Communication is important, people! =P

So now, we were finally in the home stretch, Kel'thuzad! Everyone was worried if he would know to move out of voids but since he was range it should be okay. Hilariously, when we went to pull the boss, everyone moved to the circle except for the boomkin. Everyone started freaking out like crazy on vent, "Move! move! Move!!" He was so petrified, he stood there for a while and when people told him to move so insistently, he actually moved backwards into the abominations, which caused even more of a racket on vent, LOL! Then when we finally got to phase 2 of the fight, my boyfriend would majorly freak out over vent the moment his friend got a void, "OMG, move move move!" rofl!

Despite the initial hiccup, things were going along swimmingly until the adds were about to come out and no one noticed but all of a sudden our DK tank died -.-

It was a void zone.

When I announced his death over vent, the channel became very noisy. Then shortly after, we lost our resto and enhance shammy too, both to voids and they both ankhed. Our MT picked up KT along with both adds and we downed him. I wasn't too disappointed but sad that our friends couldn't get their titles. It's just funny that the same DK saying that just watch it be someone else messing up Undying was the one that cost it, LOL! He needed the title too so I'm sure it bothered him more. The punchline was that the new boomkin was perfectly fine with avoiding void zone and he was actually really good at following instructions. At the end of the raid, everyone was laughing and saying that we probably put him off of raiding with all our screaming and frantic yelling, LOL. Still, it was fun and he didn't care that we were yelling since he was raiding like he wanted to do =)

So I think that was a fairly successful raid despite losing out on Undying as my boyfriend's boomkin friend got 8 pieces of gear along with achievements. It was just funny joking about how people would be so confused to see him with the Undying title and wearing greens, LOL!

Recent Achievements 09-04-21
Anyway, so drama, random questing and raiding galore is why I've been sorta putting off posting. I'm definitely going to work on that in the upcoming days so look forward to it!

Please feel free to send me any feedback via comments! I am working on a Contact Me link below the header.

Till next time!

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  1. Gratz on the Razorscale kill woot =D Progression through new content is king.SK dropped General Vezax on Sunday,screenies posted.Exciting times =)

    Keep informing us as to your guild's progression. I'm very interested to see and glad to hear of your achievements.Ttyl and ty again for following my paladin blog. /salute to healbots


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