Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guild Beef

This is a copy of my guest post over on WoW Fail blog. Enjoy!

So everyone knows that the pride and joy of "pro" guilds when it comes to raiding is getting to claim world firsts. This is how guilds like Nihilum, SK Gaming and Ensidia entered commonplace knowledge of the more serious WoW raiders. Right now there is a stranglehold by EU guilds of world firsts it seems. Of course there can only be one world first and that mean pro guilds are essentially vying in a neverending competition until a victor is decided. With competition naturally comes shit-talking and rivalries, then shenanigans or drama.
I never really thought it possible in the WoW hardcore raiding scene but apparently it does happen.

Example here on the Ensidia website in the comment section of member, Buzzkill's blog with an inflammatory post demanding all guilds to basically, BRING THE PAIN! LOL
Quite amusing to find a crack in the professional facade that Ensidia and other "pro" guilds usually maintain. Usually we associate guild drama with the little people that are unruly and chaotic (such as Wow Insider's Guild Watch segment) rather than the highly regimented and strict "pro" gamers.
  Excerpt from the post that incited the "beef"
"i only wonder what stopped Americans from picking up the kill. After all they did have 1 day lead on the whole instance... Well all in all, they will have many excuses, but i don't assume their keyboardturning mouseclicking members have anything to do with it... Dibs to Exo for being definitely most hardcore US guild, but shame that hardcoreness doesn't actually make you good... Don't wanna beef, but let me just say that retarded excuses make you look funny... a guy from Vodka that said how EU had an advantage because we tested Vezax? But 30 hour lead on a release is what exactly then? Please, I'm the last one to preach about sore losing(or graceful winning for that matter) but soak it the fuck up... Only that competition is totally fair from now on, let the best guild win."
Some gems in the comments section:
see any watchers in that SS buzzkill? Grats on your easymode worldfirst, while we test hardmode.
We will kill it whenever we want on easymode.
Also I am quite curious because I know you eurotrash guilds have quite the ego to protect, are you guys going to disband next time we beat you on a kill?"
And here is another gem:
"Yo Buzzkill... YOU SUCK ASS. I bet you I smoked your noob ass on damage on Yogg, you just can't compete with the professionals... You post TBC euro trash noob, there's nothing like experience. I love it when you rage rage rage all the time and then proceed to talk trash, then never even post your own damage... Just keep practicing kid maybe one day you will have some skill."
And in closing, a random supporter"
"Hmm, sounds like alot of U.S. vs. Europe going on here, honestly if your going to try to give Ensidia trash, just remember theyre alot better than you. They have been for a while i, my guild was lucky enough to scrape a 80 ish m'uru kill in the us while i rember hearing sk killed it first. These two guilds combined shouldnt be given crap for being eurotrash, and just remember THEY GET PAYED YOU DONT."
Fun reading, eh?
PS I kept all grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in my quotations.

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  1. Does it really surprise you? The more hardcore a guild is the more serious they take it. The more serious they take it the more chance there is at drama whether within or without.

    The guilds without drama are the truly "casual" guilds. Seen any around btw? :P


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