Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A rant on loot

So I had a guild meeting last night because of loot issues with EPGP.

There was a problem with people getting full EP while waitlisted for a raid (25 man OS 3d) that they had no business getting invited to nor would they ever get invited to because of their gear/skill level. (greens/blues? never done naxx? or heroics? constant fail?). This of course led to problems when it came to 25 man Naxx as there are still some pieces progression raiders needed but due to the EP that casuals on the waitlist earned undeservedly, the casuals or friends/family would take key items from raiders and thus, hinder our progression.
25 man OS 1d

Well the officers fixed that by making people waitlisted get 50% EP since it is really not fair to get full EP for an entire raid day while doing BGs and then coming in on farm days to take loot from raiders that said person will never use for progression raids. All in all, I'm really happy with how the guild leadership handled things. They listened to raider concerns and implemented policy to make sure things were fair pretty quickly.

However, there were some complaints.

A shadow priest that was casual complained in gchat that meant casuals might as well not raid then since they will never get geared. I responded to her in gchat that "well, raiders don't need many things in Naxx" and she scoffed at me, deriding that as casuals getting "hand me downs" -.-

An officer chipped in a response stating rightfully that raiders tend to use their EP (as GP) so they won't always have the upperhand when it comes to casuals/friends/family, which all the raiders have seen happen before. This shadow priest was still very skeptical and belligerent though it didn't stop her and her very undergeared (but very nice) fiancee from taking the 25 man Naxx invite that night.

Well, said shadow priest fell off the pipe in front of Gluth because "I've never been here before" and whined how it wasn't her fault. Well, missy, if you did 10 man Gluth, you would know about the damn pipe. Somehow, she has 25 man Naxx gear for raiding only 1 - 2x a month! Yet she is complaining about hand-me-downs! She and her fiancee also got achievements for doing 25 man Spider wing, DK wing and I think also construct. -.-

On top of that, in the past she has made comments about not wanting to DPS or heal! Granted she was part of the guild first on Malygos but to be honest, her DPS is subpar given her gear level so I am pretty damn sure she was carried as her damage is barely above some of the tanks.

Malygos - Heroic (2)

So my message to her is:


For those of you that read this and agree with the shadow priest. You are the fail that keeps on hindering a guild's progression.

Why is there the need for you to have best in slot anything if you just want to sign on and get loot with no interest in downing the hardest "unnecessary" content? Why would you want to just sit your ass in raid and not perform, feeling no need to do so except to get loot?



So you got loot but you won't get the best. DEAL WITH IT! Things are already more than fair enough for people like you!


P.S. I'm pretty sure people like her in the guild will cry when they find out that the legendary healer mace is going to be given to a raider and not a casual. /roll eyes


  1. It was people like that shadowpriest that forced our guild to ditch most of the "casual" element. It wasn't an easy decision but carrying people who had zero interest in progress but wanted all the best loot just caused so much drama I still cringe when I think about it.
    With hindsight perhaps we should have stuck the storm out, but now the only "casuals" we have are people who used to raid hardcore but needed to take a break for school/work type stuff.
    I just don't understand why people are happy to be so selfish, sure its a game, but you are still playing with real people. Meh, its rather depressing.

  2. We have this problem in my guild as well, but usually (thanks to our tiered roll system) it works out for the worst. On two occasions now the iLevel 226 hunter helm from Heroic Malygos has gone to hunters that seldom raid, leaving the main raiding hunter stuck with a subpar helm.

    I keep advocating making 226 gear subject to a loot council so best-in-slot gear doesn't go to waste, but no one ever listens to me.

  3. "she has made comments about not wanting to DPS or heal"

    She wants to tank?

  4. I doubt she really wants to tank since she is a priest =P


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