Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ulduar So Far

So I managed to hit Ulduar late Tuesday night with my guild. We had a lot of people sign on and sadly some people that normally raided with us logged due to the instability. We still managed a 25 man roster though we had to sit out a good DPS warrior as he logged on a bit late.

I saw a lot of other guilds outside of Ulduar. Excitement ran high as people chattered on vent. Our poor lock couldn't get a summon and other people were wondering why they were not being summoned despite their repeated requests. Seems like there were also a lot of other guilds outside the instance as well.
Ulduar - Outside 09-04-14

When we finally managed to all zone in, it was pretty late. Our GM and RL were also basically discussing via vent how to do the raid strat for Flame Leviathan and listing all the boss' abilities. The explanations took quite a while and I feel most of the raiders, myself included, started to zone out and stop paying attention. When it came time to attempt Flame Leviathan, all of us zerged him and got him down to ~40% but we wiped due to the Overload. It took us about 3 tries. Hilariously, on the successful attempt, my boyfriend was to be loaded into the catapault but the driver aimed it wrong and my boyfriend died! LOL! Kind of funny. I was on a bike, tarring and slowing down the boss. Quite fun to zoom around on that bike.

Ulduar Flame Leviathan 09-04-14
Razorscale was the hardest fight so far I had to heal, worse than 25 man OS 3d as it was really really hectic avoiding the flames along with the random fire bombs that rained from above as well as healing through the chain lightnings. Sorry no screenshots as I was too busy running around healing =X

My boyfriend and I also tried to get the new boss in Vault the next day but the server crashed on us and the entire raid got stuck while clearing the trash right before the boss. When we all finally came back in, the raid basically evaporated. Very frustrating.
Vault - Emalon (2)
Well I hope we get to down Razorscale and move on to more bosses in Ulduar. It feels refreshing to see new content despite all the bugs and server problems.

See you guys in Ulduar!

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