Thursday, April 2, 2009

How it all started

So around 2 years ago, I started playing WoW.

My boyfriend had already been playing and his other friends also played. When I started going out with him, he was still leveling his mage to level 70, the max level at the time. I remember always being curious as to what he was doing and he would tell me that it was so boring because no one would help him as all his friends left him high and dry since they were all max level already. He really didn't play much but I remember watching him inch up slowly level by level though he didn't play much in my presence.

I never really played an MMORPG before except maybe a free one named Knight Online for like 10 days though I used to play console RPGs (FF7 FTW!). I don't quite remember how it started but I think I asked my boyfriend how to use his character. So he lent me the controls and showed me what spells to use to kill mobs. I remember when he said "mobs" I thought, why are they mobs? I was so nub =X

So I had a lot of fun blasting mobs away before they reached me so my boyfriend made a suggestion, "Why don't you make your own mage?" I thought, why not? The thing is my boyfriend went an extra step, reactivated his old account for 1 month just so I could make a character that he had no idea if I would continue playing =X

Luckily for him, I did =P

I was ultra excited because I asked him if he could level a character with me and he made a hunter. I wanted a belf because he played a Horde character (his mage was belf) and belf's were pretty =X

So my first character was a mage but my boyfriend and I never wound up leveling together so I made a 2nd character, a paladin. That way I could play my paladin whenever my boyfriend was not around so I would be able to level with him.

I choose a paladin because I realized as a mage, I was so squishy and I wanted to also be able to heal myself. I also disliked how the robes looked on the newbie characters. IMO, the rogues look the best when it comes to their clothes at level 1 while the warlocks and priest looks the worst. Plus, it was interesting playing the only class a belf could play but no other Horde characters can =)

Time went on and eventually, my paladin became my highest level character and it was the toon I was playing most of the time. My boyfriend deleted his hunter as he never played it since his mage was already level 70 and he was raiding (sometimes he would PL me). The times I tried to play my mage, I realized I preferred my paladin so I really regarded her as my main.

Funny thing is that my boyfriend explained to me that paladins are only holy in endgame (TBC, season 1 era) and I got upset and insisted that no, they can tank and dps too! We even got into a big argument about it but look at me, I'm a healer =X

Funnily enough, I leveled as Holy because the few times my boyfriend PLed me, I wanted to be able to heal him well enough =X My original intention was to be Ret though but look how that turned out, lol.

So that's how I started playing WoW and how I became a paladin. What is your story?

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  1. Basically, I always liked playing the 'good' guy in RPGs. So paladin it was.

    Leveled roughly as protection so I wouldn't die fast, but it was a hodgepodge of gear and the worst miserable experience ever! But I stuck with it and eventually was given a few tips. I still sucked all the way to 65 and then the guild I was in needed healers so I switched. After being told point blank that I sucked at that, I started reading up on it.


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