Sunday, September 6, 2009

Return to PVP

Ever since WotLK came out, my activities concerning PVP has greatly diminished. In TBC, I would run BGs with other people as a semi-premade and I discovered how fun WSG could be when I had despised it before.

I'm sad to say that in WotLK, I have played the new BG, Isle of Conquest, only once - no exaggeration. I just stopped doing BGs after they changed Alterac Valley and introduced the Strand. For whatever reason, I lost interest in doing BGs though we would rock them whenever we played.

As an arena player, I only did my requisite 10 games a week. In S6, that was the most I ever played but I only went up to 1000 rating in my 2v2 since me and my partner stopped playing as that was around the time we started pushing for more 10 man Ulduar hard modes.

So basically, PVE was sacrificed for PVP, not that I really cared as I was always more concerned about PVE rather than PVP. I was always an ultra casual PVPer.

However, me and my boyfriend have an in game friend, a warrior. This friend has followed us to 2 servers now and he is as good a friend you can ever be in WoW, considering we have never met.

To him, PVP is more important than PVE though he likes to play WoW with friends of course. I felt bad that he pushed aside his Gladiator aspirations in order to raid with us so I'm going to attempt to get him as high up as we can in our 3v3s.

Our composition will be Frost mage, Holy pally and Arms Warrior. With that said, my warrior friend is definitely the best PVPer out of all of us while me and my boyfriend needs more experience and practice so we can keep up.

To prepare for understanding how to spec, gem and gear, I turned to arena junkies. Reading the forums, I can understand why PVP can produce so many jerks and if all I had done was read forums, I would have not wanted to arena at all.

However, when it comes down to it, playing arena with good friends and not being utterly terribad can be quite fun.

I always had a PVP offspec and I was prot PVP for a bit though I never used it =X Due to my inexperience playing prot, I just went back to PVP Holy though with minor changes from my own conclusions reading the arena junkies forums.

We have spent 1 day so far in arena this week and climbed up almost 800 rating. I feel this is an notable accomplishment consider how ultra casual 2 of the 3 team members are - wish us luck as we try to climb higher!

I honestly don't really know what to expect out of S7 but I do expect to be frustrated often. I just hope that we can get some fun out of it. I have a bad habit to get frustrated and start yelling when I do. Maybe this can be a learning experience and I will be able to learn how to cope with my frustrations better.

What kind of experience do you guys have in PVP? How good at PVP do you think you are?

P.S. I added a PVP Holy tab to the menu bar.


  1. As a player who geared two healers to furious in every slot last season and got the 2200 achievement, I have a few encouraging words/words of advice.

    1. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you shouldn't be proud of your rating, no matter what it is.
    2. It's more important to play how you feel comfortable than what is "right", for example on my priest I played very defensively in 2s. This enabled me and my paladin to beat the #1 mage/rogue in our battlegroup, which we wouldn't have done had I played more "traditionally".
    3. No matter how high your rating is, there's always room for improvement.
    4. Gladius, Spell Alerter, Party Ability Bars. These are my must-haves.

  2. Good luck to you this season!

    When I started out healing in BC (I wanted to play Ret but then I learned how few of them actually got to raid back then and my guild needed a healer at the time.) I learend to heal by doing AV as I leveled holy through outlands. It was the easiest way to get experience in the closest thing I could to a raid-like setting. It taught me how to heal 6 or 7 people at a time long before I stepped into Kara for the first time. I still feel that I'm a better PvP healer than PvE, although I do fine in both.

    I was planning to run a 3s team with guildies of mine that I've been with for almost 2 years now, but I think I'm going to have to wait until they get done with Coliseum hard mode (10 man strict, so no using 25 man gear and zerging Anub for them.) Sadly I don't get to raid with them any longer, I had to quit about 3 months ago due to erratic work schedules.


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