Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Character Achievement Updates

I know that as an anonymous blogger, it is hard to see what I am up to in game. The most I have been able to offer in terms of spying potential is posting screen shots of my gear or achievements and linking my spec/glyphs via wowhead talent calculator as I can't link my armory so as to preserve my anonymity.

The bad part to this is that I keep finding myself changing gear slightly but the worse is the achievements as it's hard to keep it updated consistently.

If WoW Insider hadn't posted this article, I wouldn't have ever known there to be an alternative. That's why I've made a facebook profile for this blog. You can see a link to my facebook listing in the lefthand side of this blog on the sidebar.

Why a facebook profile? Well, so I can use Achieved (facebook addon) to announce any new achievements I get in game. I will try my best to keep that updated fairly consistently. Best of all, I can retain my anonymity!

Maybe in the future, I will feel more comfortable with revealing my in game character on this blog, but for the time being, I hope you all allow me this privacy.

Feel free to add me as a friend too!

P.S. I know this isn't a real post again. I'm considering different topics but they all don't seem particularly exciting to me.


  1. This is brilliant - I will totally do this!

    I was fooling around in paint trying to remove names of characters etc - much easier this way.


  2. ugh. facebook.

    Every time I go there people are throwing gummi bears at me or asking me to sew a quilt out of JPEGs to save the african rainforests.

    I don't get that site.

  3. A few months back, I tried getting acclimated to the facebook culture. My sister found out about it and became my friend, so I'll never get back on there again.


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