Saturday, September 19, 2009

Epeen in WoW

Nothing like a particularly grating incident to fuel the writing juices.

Ever since transferring over to my current server, I haven't regretted it as it is just a much more "happening" server, Horde wise. My old server really had people that were big assholes with the egos to match, though skill levels may actually not compare.

Today, I met my first douchebag.

I do not have screen shots or anything as I was pulled quickly into a Vault run right during the incident.

So there I was, minding my own business in front of the Dalaran Horde bank. How many of you just like to idle in front of banks? =P

I get a random pm from someone. I've been getting random pm's on this server but it's mostly people asking about my guild's recruitment status. I'm prepared to be polite and direct them to the right people or resources.

Instead, this level 80 paladin just randomly pmed me and asked in a very patronizing manner (reminds me of a certain other paladin blogger) about my intellect gems. I state that in heroics, can't get away without HLing so SP doesn't cut it (in reference to FoL paladins). They then responded, "what, in 5 man heroics?"

I should have known with his (I'm assuming it's a male from the manner and name) mocking response that he was out to troll me but I only say, "no." He then proceeds to link me his achievement to show he has downed 25 man Northrend Beasts and Jaraxxus on Heroic and state that how he has gemmed is working for him. I very politely let him know that great for him but that everyone has their own style.

Amani War Bear
Look I can link achievements too!

He was trying to inspect me but I had run off to Wintergrasp for Vault. He even had the nerve to tell me to come back and I informed him, "gotta go" though he ignores my subtle hint.

He proceeds to quiz me on my stats such as SP, crit and haste - which I answered (2300ish SP, 30ish baseline crit, softcapped haste) as I'm still trying to be polite since I'm still new on this server. Then he decides to "helpfully" inform me that even though his gear is a little better (I guess he armory-ed me or managed to inspect me a bit), I should look at mp5 as it is very good and helps with the Illumination nerf. I had to politely tell him again that everyone has their own style and that ended the conversation.

I had a great raid that day - my guild downed 25 man Heroic Northrend Beasts (at 43 tries left) after the previous week's non stop wiping because we changed our strategy (3 tanks instead of 2) and I got some upgrades. This random paladin trying to "help" me just brought down my mood.
HP - t9
I match better now!

Why did I let him get to me?
  1. I'm minding my own business, why do you feel you need to "correct me" if I have not approached you for help?
  2. Does the fact that your guild is a little more progressed than my guild mean I'm automatically the lousier healer/player?
  3. Does the fact you have experienced a bit content than me mean that you have more authority and weight than my own opinion about my own spec and class?
  4. Why are stats, guild progression and gear the only way to measure the quality of a player? Even if all of the aforementioned criteria is higher than mine, why does this mean you are automatically better or know better? It's not inconceivable for someone to outperform someone with better everything and it's not uncommon that people get carried through content.
  5. The paladin was inaccurate in saying that mp5 made up for the illumination nerf. The fact that you would want to use FoL more often made mp5 more valuable. The illumination nerf only devalued crit, not intellect's value to a paladin. Said paladin had ~120 mp5 on me, is that a big difference? Maybe, but he was better geared than me so easy for him to say that I need this and that as his stats in general were higher.
I just want to say this, I do not like to gear or gem to up FoL usage. I have reasons for gemming all intellect. I could have explained myself to him if I care to but why should I when it will only fall on deaf ears.

Even so, you will never hear me telling someone that they are plain wrong to gem for all SP/mp5 as that is just another play style. If I think my way has more benefit, I will explain why but not by linking my achievements and gear as the only reason why I know better.

What really irked me was that it wasn't a discussion at all about our class. It was him informing me that I was wrong and to correct it by conforming to his way. He got a kick out of playing that he was superior to me. Basically, he was power tripping.

Achievements and gear are only a general way for people to know that you do have experience in what you are discussing. It is NOT a shortcut to make everyone bow down to your opinion. It is NOT the final say in a discussion.

Talk shop all you want but don't be patronizing "to stir debate" or "correct" people because that just means you are being an elitist tool.

P.S. All the sockets in my current gear are blue and yellow, no red sockets (I didn't plan this, just turned out this way). So I prefer to just gem all intellect with one Nightmare Tear in a blue socket. This is because to me, the extra 5 mp5 per blue gem socket (5x4 = 20 mp5) and socket bonuses (28 SP) is not worth losing the extra 10 int (5x10 = 50 int) from using Dazzling over Brilliant and it still allows my meta to be active. I had some trouble with mana in some hard modes so I had to maximize my mana until my gear catches up.

P.S.S. Don't let my rant scare you off. Please still submit questions that you wish to ask of me =)


  1. man, people really love giving out unsolicited advice more than they love fried chicken.

    "How many of you just like to idle in front of banks?"

    I usually observe the floor tile patterns.

  2. Wow, that guy sounds like a complete tool. Perhaps he was trying to hit on you in a fail way. The /flex machismo sure does come across as trying to impress you. A hidden fan of yours no doubt!

  3. People sometimes forget (or simply don't care) that there are real people playing behind the toons that they interact with and completely dismiss any manners that we use on a day to day basis. It is obvious to me that you have a strong knowledge of your class and I respect the fact that you kept your poise and was the better person in that situation. Keep doing your thing :)

  4. What a bizarre conversation...

    I really don't mean this to sound trolling but why DID you let him get to you? You are completely correct in your rationale for gemming the way you do.

    While the absolute value of int was nerfed in the last patch (DP nerf, -%5 talents, indirect crit nerf etc) the relative value of int has unquestionably gone up. Int remains the primary regen stat for pallies, since regen is more important now so too is Int.

    I quietly chuckle to myself when I look at some people's gear and spec choices - I'd never (outside of friends and guildies) give "spontaneous" advice in that manner (especially in that manner so to speak).

    Maybe its just because I am used to dealing with those sort of people professionally (lawyer...) but their condescension doesn't make them right.

    ps - I do laps of that fountain looking monument in Dalaran. Lots of them.

  5. This is another part of the game I don't understand. Random inspects, let alone commenting to said inspect. I've never taken the time to inspect someone else's gear. Is it really that much fun?

  6. The only time I'll comment on someone's gear or spec is if they ask my opinion first. Generally I'll give them a pointer or two, and then direct them to some blog sites so they can read up on their own.

    We don't hang out in the bank, we have our biker club hangout by the well - I think of the 10 folks in our guild, 6 have thier choppers - just four more to go.

  7. Wait, are you the one stacking Int or Spell/MP5? Sorry I didnt understand that in your post

  8. @Silk: You are right, I shouldn't have let him get to me. My weakness is that I am ultra sensitive, typical girly reaction, no? It is something I am working on. Me writing out this blog entry was pretty therapeutic actually and it got all the bad feeling off my chest.

    @Razouri: I was stacking int. The funny thing is that the other guy was also stacking int but instead he was gemming so that his socket bonuses would be active. His stats were just higher in general because he had better gear, not due to his gemming. That's why his suggestion that me switching from Brilliant to Dazzling was sorta ridiculous as it would give me no real additional benefit for the reasons I gave in my PS note. Sorry about the confusion. I only listed the SP/mp5 as a contrast because generally that's the 2 different styles in how pallies like to gem. I just took it further and went all int by ignoring socket bonuses.

    @Everyone else: Thank you for all your supportive comments and allowing me to vent!

  9. I stack int and I don't see anything wrong with it. Although before I used to socket according to the bonuses but every holy pally especially the ones on the best guilds seem to be int stacking. I used to socket according to socket bonus and I did feel more mana efficient then but I like having 30k mana. I just found out that if we're using holy light the most, spellpower doesn't really matter that much. I really really want to stack haste but I can't afford to socket that way because of int.

    I also assume that your server is a little bit elitist. :P No one has whispered me about my gear and I should socket my gems. I agree that its all based on play style. I mean, I stack haste on my arcane mage because its more fun that way. Also congrats on your 25 heroic toc. I have never even downed a boss yet on 10 man heroic, but we only had 2 tanks then and it seems 3 tanks is the way to go.

  10. The reason he may have gotten to you is because he was the typical male gamer condesending to a female in sharing his vast knowlege of the game because you, as a female gamer, couldn't possibly know how to play your class properly.

    Yes he was playing a power trip and stroking his own ego at your expense and yes, you had the right to get pissed off.

    How I hate this attitude in WoW and video games in general.

    It is admirable that you kept your cool during that most humiliating interaction. He's lucky that you didn't cuss him out.

  11. Grow a pair or two

  12. Obviously the guy above me is a jerk! Grow a pair or two? WTF? Shows he is very smart too doesnt it? I mean thats all he has to say? haha I love some of the jerks who play this game. I myself being a female holy pally have delt with tons of drama just BECAUSE Im female, this to me shows that men that insult due to my gender are jealous and more than likely I will jump out of fire or void zones wayyyyyy before them :)

    I feel your pain, and yes as one woman to another we are sensitive beings, its how we are made. This doesnt make us less of a person than a man.

    I love your site, it has a great amount of information on it :) Id like to thank you for making this for the site!!!

  13. I admit that I like to inspect other healadins when I run across them or any healer, really. I don't know why, it's just a habit. I never actually send people tells or anything, I'm just like "oh hey, a Tree! *inspects*" Maybe I'm just bored...

    The jerk was wrong, anyway. :P Don't let people like that get to you; much better to take the high road.


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