Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mages Love Pallies and How to Die in Onyxia

...Or more specifically, how to make an Arcane Mage love you =)

Due to the buffs to Arcane in 3.2.2, my boyfriend went back Arcane as he had always been in love with that particular tree.

We've managed to rise high enough in the guild standings that we are regular raid members and I have the good fortune to raid consistently with him.

Basically, Sacred Shield + Incanter's Absorption is an absolute wet dream for him. I'm not one of the higher SP paladins in my guild (23-2600 SP depending on trinkets) and as 1 of 3 holy paladins in raid, I can toss SS on my honey guilt free!

So for any paladins that want to get in good with an Arcane mage, this is the way to a DPSer's heart!

Arcane mages, you better be nice to us paladins!

Come on, Phase 3 Anub'arak? Constant ticking damage being absorbed? OMG! My silly mage bf didn't check his SP during that part of the fight but considering that SS should absorb a decent amount, it is nothing to be scoffed at and I'm pretty sure he easily broke 3000 SP because of that phase.

Ridiculously OP.

We also did the revamped Onyxia 25 man raid. 22 slot Bag!


I was a little nervous to be honest as the only experience I had in Onyxia was fooling around in the instance at level 70 with a whole bunch of other 70s. How would the real raid instance be like?

I was quite afraid I would die to the infamous Deep Breath and feel like a noob.

I did die. QQ. =(

To be fair, it wasn't to Deep Breath. Thank God!

I got melee'ed by a loose Guardian add that the OT didn't pick up quite fast enough for 20k+, but I wasn't dead just quite yet. Then at that moment, Onyxia landed in front of me, tail facing me. I got tail swept for 1.5k and punted right in to the whelp eggs, death on landing.

A poor druid that tried to rez me after we downed Onyxia instantly spawned whelp adds from all the eggs surrounding me and died. =X

It was pretty funny though, a spectacularly WTF death.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the new patch! I'm still trying to finish up Brewfest and getting the Violet Protodrake! =D

Brewfest (2)

Till next time!

P.S. Continue submitting questions to ask of me =)


  1. Oooh, as an arcane mage (primarily, anyway) I can say wholeheartedly: yessss!

    But I took my points of incanter's absorption out because I never absorbed enough damage to make it worth the points. Too bad I don't run with a pally regularly... Useless mana shield...

  2. Onyxia always gets the best of us :\

  3. I wonder if a Disc priest's PW:S counts?

    I was really disappointed with Ony. I suppose that since she was dropping 232 stuff in 10s she couldn't be that bad, but she didn't even deep breath us once (of course she wasn't in Phase 2 but long enough to spawn two adds).

    I was joking that it'd have been funny if a giant spike or something came out at the back of the cave where all the veteran Ony tanks run to tank her...I would have laughed, even though I'm the one that would have been impaled.


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