Saturday, August 29, 2009

A New Home

You guys haven't heard from me in a long time, have you? I really do apologize for that. I guess it feels like a lot happened in game yet not that much at the same time. I suppose I'll talk a bit of what I've been up to though if you do keep tabs on me, I subtly update certain parts of my site to show what I've been doing even if I don't post.

Despite all the frustrations of being in a 10 man guild, I honestly believe that it is the best way to raid. It is just that when you are a 10 man guild pushing for hard modes with no real talent pool to recruit from, the guild dies a slow death.

Anybody can be a raider now and it's great that Blizzard has made it easy for people that are relatively new to join the raiding scene. The problem is that most people simply cannot devote the time and effort to get all the hard modes or achievements they think they can get.

It is human nature to want more for little expenditure but it is also human nature to overestimate your own ability and underestimate your own flaws.

With that said, yes, my little 10 man guild died a sad death as my priest partner finally quit. They had been wanting to quit for quite a while but there simply wasn't a suitable replacement for him. He was that kickass a healer and a good replacement was just no where to be found.

My server also had suffered a rash of guild implosions, all around the same time - leading to the formation of our 10 man guild. The raiding scene still hadn't quite recovered either when our 10 man guild finally fell apart.

As such, I had to make the hard decision to leave the server I called home. I had transferred there from another server as well but I had spent the most time on this server.

It was quite hard to find a guild with openings for a holy pally AND a mage that had suitable raiding progression along with schedule but I found one. So we made the jump. I was quite sad when I felt that I was leaving all my friends behind, though of course I still had my boyfriend.

Imagine my happiness when I find out that some of our 10 man raiders transferred as well! I had raided already with the new guild but it really wasn't the same.

To be honest, it was a bit depressing having our 10 man guild break up. It just felt like the stars weren't aligning for us as we kept coming up against road block after road block. It has made me take a step back from playing WoW as much. Hence, the lack of posting as I don't really do much but sign on to raid (not even to do my JC daily!)

I'm slowly getting back into the groove and I hope you guys will stay tuned. I'm just trying to get more experience raiding again and figuring out the optimal set up for me considering the current and impending changes.

Till next time!


  1. I feel your pain, I don't get to raid like I want either, glad things seem to be rebounding for you! Love your posts, look forward to more in the future.

    Chernobog - Trollbane

  2. where did you end up? My priest (and warlock, and warrior) are looking for new homes. Cho'gall sucks. If you're keeping it on the hush hush, send me a top secret email ( ;)

  3. Glad to see you back! Your posts are great I do look forward when I see you posted :)

    Deathwing Server

  4. If it doesn't work out for you, post a comment on my blog we just went Horde and are currently looking for a rocking healer. The mage would have to be someone who swapped in when another DPS missed a night as we're a 10 man guild that tries to keep a roster of 10 - but there's potential.

    If you're wondering about our progression - we're 13/14 Uld 10 with all hard modes, and only missing 2 Yogg achievments (Coming out of the walls and no lights), regular phase 2 of Algalon (need more DPS), and we roll ToC - and have done all of ToGC - just need to work on getting it done with no wipes.


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