Friday, August 7, 2009

That One Person

So despite my last post, I still do not have I Love The Smell of Saronite in the Morning. It was due to one person in our raid.

Two particular ranged DPS we had in our raid kept reacting too slow. One of them has a crappy computer and is laggy. He reacted a bit slow but still managed to perform tolerably.

The other one, I don't know what his excuse was but he was the worse of the 2 by far. He would call out shadow crashes and wind up being the only one eating it. I would be thinking, "dude, why you watching out for other people when you can't even watch out for yourself?"

Every time he got the life leech, he would always cause other people around him to eat more ticks by not reacting fast enough. He would also do stupid stuff like run with the life leech people instead of compensating and running the other way so the life leech person wouldn't have to run back the other way into more people.

On top of his avoidance issues, his DPS was really low even though he was a caster. So he sure as hell wasn't letting his movement suffer because of DPS. We could have just replaced him with a melee DPS for the same amount of damage.

We wiped non-stop on General Vezax for the damn achievement for 2 nights until trash would respawn. It was demoralizing and everybody was pissed off. A core raider that is very even keeled was so mad, he just blew up and had to take a 5 min break to cool down.

In short, that one person was fail and cost us the achievement. We were all frustrated at him.

When my boyfriend finally let him know that he felt General wasn't his fight, meaning that one person was probably going to be cut from that fight, that person apologized for wasting our time and signed off right away.

What's worse is that the next day, he started telling other people how he had RL distractions going on that day and he should get another chance at the fight.

OMG. If you had a big RL distraction, the right thing to do is to let the raid know. If you can't perform your very best, at least let us know so we can sit you out so you don't wind up screwing over the rest of the raid who are performing well and not costing us a night of repairs.

Then subsequently for the next few days, he started complaining about his job and how it stops him from raiding as much as he likes and how he would have to quit WoW if he couldn't raid.

Everyone ignored his comments but it makes me feel resentful. If you want to play WoW, then play but if you need a job, what is more important? I doubt that his inability to raid as much as he wants is the source of his failures in raid.

I feel that one person didn't want to be sat out because:

  • He wanted the achievement
  • He wanted the hard mode loot
I just think that is very selfish and inconsiderate of that person as hard modes do not really allow carrying other people, especially if you are fighting for that first down.

I don't know if any of you ever had this experience or know that one person but if you do, make sure you minimize the damage that one person can do. Hopefully, your one person can be considerate and not force themselves onto a group like my one person in General did.

It is also because of that one person that I don't have the Twilight Vanquisher achievement.

I was in a 25 man guild at the time and that one person was a holy paladin responsible for healing the MT. The problem was that he kept eating void zones or flame walls or just DC-ing out. Two out of every 3 attempts, we would wipe because of him.

The other times we wiped it would be because of other people eating too many voids/walls or our MT would disconnect. Multiple raid nights kept rehashing the same way and the officers refused to replace the holy paladin to the point that people (privately) gave him a nickname by inserting the word "fail" in his name. Even when the officers finally started calling him out, he would always give excuses like "I was laggy" when he never complained about lag before that.

Finally, the guild gave up on ever getting Sartharion 3D. All because of that one person.

So remember boys and girls, that one person - Don't be them and don't let them stop your progression even if they won't admit it.

Till next time!


  1. I'll assume the role of the ignorant troll and ask the obvious question: if he was known as a liability with questionable motivation from the 25-man guild you were in, and everyone's giggle-boy at that, why did you carry him over into your 10-man guild?
    After all, you made that move to do exactly that: clear out the moral hazard.

  2. @Rem: I probably wasn't too clear but the person that ruined our General hard mode attempt is not the same person that ruined our 25 man Sartharion 3D attempt.

    In fact, the person that had done General hard mode with us was there for our first time downing in on 10 mans when we got the Shadowdodger achievement (no one eats shadow crash). Go figure.

  3. Ah, apologies. I misunderstood "I was in a 25 man guild at the time and that one person was a holy paladin responsible for healing the MT" as referring to that same person, rather than the titular "that one person".

    And people change - not always in the way we wish them to. Sometimes, the painful realization strikes, that someone who has been a trusty fellow for long, just isn't on the same page any more. Hope you can resolve the issue.

  4. There will always be that one bad player that you just can't seem to shake. Best thing you can do is just stop accepting his excuses and realize he will always have an excuse. Cut your losses and replace him. If he can't handle one movement mechanic on vezax chances are he will fail on a future mechanic and prevent progress again.

    The worst case scenario is if you are in a tight-knit friendly guild, and this person is a BAD player but a really GOOD person. It becomes harder to replace that person and in reality will just bring the morale of the entire raid down.

    I was recently in this situation, and the player in question finally just quit the game due to real life issues. I could not come to terms with cutting him myself, but in the few weeks that we have been free of this individual we have been much better off.

  5. It all depends on what you want.
    If you want the achievments and hardmodes and you want them done in a reasonable timeframe you need good people.
    Everyone can have a bad day and everyone can have a day with internet connection issues.
    But if this is permanent or happens to often this players have to be cut loose.
    If I was an officer in my guild, I'd kick several people, but our officers are to lax. They comlpain more about someone putting up a train that toots for 10 seconds then they complain about a player that has effectivly wasted 2 and half hours on a sunday raid because he didnt listen to the Ts and didn't now his assignemnt in addition to his general bad playing and his DCs.

    I think it is not unpolite to engage in a serious talk with *baddies* or kick them, because it is unploite of them in the first way to frustrate 9 or 24 other people in the raid.


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