Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upcoming Changes to Holy Paladins?

This comment by Alcara from Sisters of Elune (US) summarizes exactly how I feel about the potential changes to Illumination as proposed by Ghostcrawler.

Maybe some of you other healing classes out there don't sympathize, well screw you! You are the f**king ponies. Rest of you commiserate with my QQ as this quaint little tale aptly illustrates... T.T
Long ago, in the magic land of ponies, there was a donkey named Ruprict.
Ruprict was kind of strange, because he was a donkey and he lived in a land full of ponies. The ponies could all do great things: some of them could run very fast; some could jump great distances; some could even fly!

Ruprict couldn't do any of those things, and sometimes the ponies made fun of him. But the one thing Ruprict could do better than any of the ponies; he could run for a long, long time. This made all of the fast, jumping, flying ponies jealous, because although they were all very special in their own way, the[y] didn't like how a donkey could do something better than them.

So, even though Ruprict sometimes wished that he could run slightly faster, or jump a little higher, or even just glide a little bit, he was still happy, because he was special.

Then a mean crab came along and pinched Ruprict really hard, just above his hoof! Oh, how it hurt! (the crab was later trampled to death by the ponies, but that's a different story)

From then on, Ruprict couldn't run very far anymore. In fact, he could only run as far as the fast, jumping, flying ponies! Then the ponies became especially mean, because now they could do everything as well as poor Ruprict, and many other special things as well!

Unfortunately, there is no happy ending to this story. Poor Ruprict no longer had a place in the magic land of ponies, and left. (Ultimately, all of the ponies choked on their own vomit and died; but that, too, is a different story)

WTF Blizzard! Sure, make paladins more fun to play but why does that mean you have to freaking break us in half to get there?

Sacred shield was fun and it didn't show up on charts so it wasn't an ego booster for those wanting to top charts. Nerfed. (Single target only)

HL Glyph was sooo fun. Nerfed. (No longer crits, shorter range)

DP was powerful (still useful). Nerfed. (MS effect and dispellable)

1.5 seconds off HL when HS crits was sooo fun! Nerfed (Only works on FoL)

Bubble was too powerful. Nerfed. (Bubble breaker, mass dispell, etc)

So yeah, I don't have much confidence that you are f-ing with paladins to make us more fun because everything fun we have gotten, you have taken away.

I just might quit this game.

Been playing LUNA Online. Pretty buggy still but WTF is this bullshit!


  1. Lorelya (holy pally) - Thrall(US)May 27, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    took the words right outa my mouth

  2. Welcome to why I rerolled disc priest.


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