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Legendary Fragment & Drama

Sorry for the lengthy vacation. I really haven't felt like posting to be honest. This is a really wordy post so... =T

So yesterday my guild downed 25 man Emalon, Flame Leviathan, Ignis, Razorscale, XT-002 and Iron Council. We took a bit of time to get Iron Council or we'd have gotten down Kologarn as well so I think we performed relatively well.
Ulduar - 10 man Kologarn
Just that off of Ignis, our first shard of the legendary mace dropped. I had no clue how it would be decided but it potentially was a hot button issue due to the healer make up of the guild.

As a guild, we recently lost 1 of our 2 holy priests and they were the more senior of the 2 to another guild though she raided with us still on her resto shaman. Then the day before the raid, she also left that shaman too. She was definitely one of the top healers in the guild but as she had been hospitalized for approximately a month, she was basically far behind in the line for consideration to receive the legendary. However, she rendered all this moot since she is not in guild anymore. I just hope she is happy where she is now.

The problem is that after she left, only me and the other holy priest remained that could pump out consistent healing. However, in terms of seniority, we came into the guild relatively late. The other holy paladin has been in the guild for much longer despite his awfully inconsistent performance, which I have alluded to in past entries. We also have a new resto shaman and I wouldn't give her any consideration for the legendary just because of her recent recruit status even when you don't consider her so-so healing ability. All of our other healers are too new, rerolled mains or too inconsistent in terms of attendance to even be considered, let alone to compare their healing abilities.

Our RL is a disc priest (thus, low on heal charts due to constant mitigation rather than effective healing) and is always there for every raid, I and the holy priest felt it would be best for the legendary to go to him as he is universally well liked in the guild.
So where is the hot button issue? Well, if the legendary managed to be given to anyone else but the RL, all sorts of objections and resentments would pop up.

If I received the legendary, the holy paladin that was already chafing under constant comparison to me would fully resent me, causing some guild factions as he has his own friends in the guild including an officer.

If the legendary got given to the other holy priest, people would protest it as he has been in the guild for around a month (I've been in this guild for around 2.5 months) despite the fact that he is consistently #1 on the healing charts.

If the other holy paladin got the legendary, the holy priest and me would have been up in arms because despite his seniority, his raid performances really do not merit him getting the legendary and our own attendance is on equal standing with his so if he got chosen it would be a case of seniority trumping performance or ability.

So due to all the reasons I listed above, that is why deciding who should get the legendary is drama infested minefield. If anyone outside of our RL got chosen, there would be drama and QQ galore.

So how did my guild decide who should get the first fragment of the legendary?

Our GM was actually in attendance that day and all of the officers. He stated everyone in the raid tonight should whisper him the name of the person they felt was most deserving of receiving the fragment.

When I heard this, my heart sank. It was a popularity contest.

Everyone should know but just because you raid and perform well in your guild does not mean people will like you. When you make things a popularity contest, people will not do the right thing and consider how it will benefit the guild the most but just vote for the person they like.

Luckily for us, our RL is exceedingly popular and we have neatly sideswept all the ensuing drama that would have happened had any other healer in attendance got dibs on the first legendary in guild.

Well, basically nothing happened, right? So why write this entry?

Even though I hate popularity contests, I feel this was still actually the best route to go as long as everyone trusts who is safeguarded with tallying up all the whispers. This was the best way to avoid drama and to forego the complete RNG of doing a roll off.

I mean if the legendary got loot counciled, people may cry and feel that there was favoritism involved in as the decision is left to just the officers or whoever is on the loot council.

If it is dependent on a DKP system, the legendary will only get rewarded to people that attended the most raids and happened to take the least amount of loot. There is no guarantee that the person who receives the shard is actually the most deserving due to the fact that you can not tell what your DKP or EPGP will be like when the shard drops and the candidates comes into consideration.

When the legendary goes to someone that is the most popular, even if that person is undeserving, because it was the ultimate decision of all and not of the few or privileged - there will likely be few dissenters. I mean, that person is well liked so many people will likly extend sincere congratulations rather than feel resentful or outraged they got chosen even if their ability is low.

That is why I feel a popularity contest is the way to go to choose the legendary. For min/max guilds, loot council is the way to go as who would benefit the most from receiving the legendary is much more of a consideration than who is most well liked. However, if prevention of QQ or drama or potential guild break ups from the decision of who gets the legendary, I feel a popularity contest is the way to go.

What do you guys think?


  1. Your officers were /epic fail that night.

    Everyone should have known about the shards. I'm sure everyone did. The decision should have been made in advance of ever having set foot in U25 and announced formerly over guild chat, raid chat, vent, and your forums.

    As for your evaluation of the healers and seniority, I think you're spot on. However, I would disagree that 2.5 months in a guild suggests you are "new". And although somewhat prejudiced towards pallies, it probably should have gone to you.

  2. +1 vote for it going to HP.

    Mainly because I have no clue who anyone else is in the guild, but I'm sure theyre nowhere near as awesome.

    All the same, Gratz on the legendary. I haven't seen something that colour drop in a loooooong long time >.<

    Wow, just thinking about it.. Last legendary item I was in on was... pre-wotlk.. pre-BC - that's right - back in MC! Go Thunderfury!

    If memory serves, when it dropped, the GM went silent, booted a certain individual out of Vent, and told the rest of us what had dropped, we all unanimiously and near instantly said the same name, so we were all giddy with excitement as Cresent, our lovable 2IC furry warrior and mother of 2, rejoined the chat yelling 'what the crap? why'd you boot me?'

    Our GM said 'because we wanted to suprize you with this', and gave her the item.

    We knew that unless we booted her out, she'd try and say no, but she'd been in the guild from the very beginning, and never accepted gear unless all the other warriors had it, etc, so we all really wanted to give her something to say thanks. Ah.. fun times, fun guild.

    Sure, it's not too much of a big thing now, but at the time (and after 6 hours in MC)... Well, we were pretty impressed (none of us had seen an epic drop before, and only one or 2 people on the server had the item).

    [I almost have a heart.]

  3. Urm...that is a tough one. Really good post, I enjoyed your view on the situation alot. Your right, if anyone besides the RL would have gotten it, some sort of drama would have come about it.

    Sad but true.


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