Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Patch 3.1.2: Equipment Manager

We just got a new patch and the equipment manager that we were supposed to get in patch 3.1 is finally here. I tested it out on my alt and it seems straightforward to use.

To enable it, you go to your interface options and underneath the controls, you check off the very last box that says "Use Equipment Manager." With that option checked on, in your character sheet will be a new icon in the upper right hand corner. For those that use outfitter, this icon will be underneath the outfitter icon so you must disable it to access the in-game equipment manager.

When you click on said icon, you will see empty boxes. Each box basically represents a potential item set you can save as an outfit. Just equip what you would like to save as an outfit and click save. You will then be able to name the outfit and choose an icon for this outfit. The first few icons that appear will be those in your outfit for easier identification.

As a basic equipment manager, the Blizzard in-game option is quick and easy but I find the fact that you must access it from the character info sheet to be annoying. With that said, I dislike Outfitter's automatic equipping of certain item sets though that can be disabled. However, Outfitter allows you to have all your outfits on a bar that you can click without accessing the character sheet. In my eyes, this makes Outfitter a better option as it offers slightly more versatility.

Then again, it's up to you guys to decide.


  1. Open your Equipment Manager and drag the set icons to your action bars. That way you can switch sets without having to open the Character Pane.

  2. I've never used equipment manager before and it's great :D I don't know how I've been playing without it.

  3. Thanks for the tips on how to use it... been trying to figure it out without having to visit the *gasp* official forums.


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