Monday, May 11, 2009

Screenshot Update

I haven't had the desire to post recently since a lot of real life issues came up along with in game. Our guild has been trying to get our 3rd raid night going but so far the 3rd night has been used to farm 25 man Naxx on mostly guild runs with a few puggers.

As a guild, I feel our progression has been good but outside of our 2 raid nights on Tuesday and Thursday, most people will not sign on so we have basically no 10 man runs going on and if there are, we can only do them for 1 day if we even have the right people on. As a casual guild, we are really well off but with Ulduar out, those that are poor raiders really look all the more poorer in the new content.

Anyway enough of that, I'm going to make this a pretty fluffy post today since I don't have the concentration to do the intellect for paladin post I had been planning. So screenshots galore coming right up!

T8 Rogue Helm in Dalaran (2)
On my server Horde side, there is only 1 guild that has cleared Yogg Saron I believe (with a 2nd guild working on it) and I had the pleasure of seeing the hilariously freaky looking T8 rogue helm. This screenshot fails to capture the kookiness of the new T8 helm.

HP - Noblegarden
One of the things I liked the most about the revamped Noblegarden event, besides the title, is that the Elegant Dress is so easy to get! I remember wanting this dress ever since I saw it in Atlasloot in TBC but back then, it was awfully rare. Much rarer than the Lovely Black Dress for V-Day back in the day. Now, they made it so easy to collect the fluffy stuff like the dress and suits, which is a plus in my book!

Of course some people may object because then these items are not as marketable or lack that "collectible" status anymore. I understand some people like to collect "rare" items but how is that fun? I think participating in these events is more fun than collecting stuff for the sake of collecting "rare" items.

(PS Did you notice? I changed my hair color =X)

I also took the time to try and pimp out my bank alt. She had been wearing the lovely black dress from the V-day event. I felt it a bit plain so I took the Tuxedo suit from Noblegarden along with some changes. Kind of like a Wild, Wild West sheriff bunny style, don't you think?

I've made several changes since this screenshot but this is close to how my bankalt looks now.

4 Mages, 4 Polymorphs
Our guild one night in Ulduar had 4 mages and we CC'ed the pack in the Antechamber, then we realized that all of the polymorphs were different animals: a turtle, a black cat, a bunny and a pig, lol!

Children's Week - UP
Taking my Orphan to UP for the achievement
Ulduar - Ignis
Ignis is a pretty interesting fight but I think once you get how to control the adds, the fight is pretty easy.

UI 09-04-21

Not sure if I posted this already but this is basically how my UI looks. I know there are alot more streamlined looking UIs out there but I rather hate it when a new patch comes out and all the addons that make your UI look so clean are all broken. Then you have to deal with the default UI anyway but it's harder for you to adapt since it's a drastic difference from what you become accustomed to...

I took off ICE Hud since this screenshot since I felt it was taking up alot of real estate on my screen and I found myself not looking at it too much. I imagine that addon to be more useful in arena or as a tank/dps rather than a healer. I'm trying to get into using keybindings but I'm still used to clicking my abilities. Bad, I know but it's a bad habit I'm trying to wean myself off of though not very successful so far.

@Kyrilean: I realize that our officers should've planned things better but to be honest, outside of our raid leader and a newly minted officer (who is a douchebag with his own agenda), the other officers have not been that hands on when it comes to pushing for progression. Our guild is sharply divided between those that are more progression minded and those that are more laid back. So I guess you could say we are one of those guilds that is trying to figure out its identity because we are definitely not hardcore but I doubt most of the people in this guild are that casual and laidback that no raiding at all will be okay. I'm not trying to excuse how the officers did things but that's just how things turned out in my guild.

Anyway, that's all for screenshots for now. Till next time!

PS To the 2 that voted that they hate my blog, don't let the door hit you on your ass on the way out =)

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