Friday, February 27, 2009

My holy pally gear

So last night when we did Malygos, the healing plate boots dropped and everyone expected me to roll. I did not and another holy pally got them (he had the edge in epgp anyway) and made the comment that he was happy because they were "best in slot." To be fair, I was not interested in them though the stats were nice because

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello from Utgarde Pinnacle!

Okay, time to raid! Today is 25 man Malygos, OS and Vault =)

Kind of surreal how we can clear all 25 man content in 2 days now...

Edit: Lagfest today, we did 25 man OS 1 drake up with 4 holy pallies and 1 shammy as healers, it was difficult but we got it. We had 1 holy pally that kept dc-ing and a holy priest that dc, to never return. We also did 25 man Vault after fighting for Wintergrasp and did Malygos when a resto druid logged on as well as pugging another resto druid. So 25 man content is done for the week. Disappointing we had to pug but when people are having connection issues all around or don't show up, can't be helped =T

Legendary Weapon

Omg, they are implementing a legendary weapon for all the classes that can heal! It looks damn nice too, better than Turning Tide *drool*
The only thing is it seems you need to collect 40 fragments to finally get an item you turn in for a quest to receive it, so it requires alot of time and energy to collect all fragments. So it seems it potentially represents a problem in terms of loot distribution, considering the amount of time it will take to gain enough fragments for 1 weapon. Thus, many guilds will have to predetermine who will have the right to the legendary weapon beforehand regardless of loot system in place in said guild. I sense upcoming drama -.-

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So apparently I lied about posting right away =D Well, can't be helped. I've been busy with school and with my WoW "career." I recently switched to a new guild with my boyfriend (arcane mage) and we already attained raider status after 2 raids. I guess we wowed the officers with our performance in our first week of raiding =)

I really like my new guild and it is such a relief to be in a guild that raids well and seems relaxed and fun. It had seemed like for the past half year or so, there was a lot of e-drama. It is definitely more fun on the outside of e-drama than it is in the middle of the nitty gritty.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Holy Paladin Best in Slot

*Badly in need of update*

I will be maintaining a best in slot gear wish list for Holy paladins and where you can get the drops from. Keep in mind, this does not take into consideration Set bonuses as it is up to you which set bonuses you desire on your holy paladin. I hope this helps out. I have made my comments in other posts on other holy paladin pieces so I will reserve them here. My desired itemization is as follows: int > crit > haste = SP.

Updated 6/6/09

Weapon: Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, Heroic Yogg Saron (hard mode)

Wisdom's Hold, Heroic Thorim (hard mode)

Libram of Renewal, Emblems of Heroism Vendor

Ancient Iron Heaume, Heroic Iron Council

Pendant of the Shallow Grave, Normal Thorim (hard mode)

T8.5, Heroic Yogg Saron

Pennant Cloak, Heroic Sartharion 2D OR Drape of the Sullen Goddess, Heroic Freya (hard mode)

Breastplate of the Devoted, Heroic XT-002 Deconstructor (hard mode)

Belt of the Fallen Wyrm (mail), Heroic Razorscale

Bindings of Winter Gale (mail), Heroic Hodir (hard mode)

Gauntlets of the Thunder God, Normal Thorim (hard mode)

T7.5, Heroic Thaddius

Treads of the False Oracle (cloth), Heroic Yogg-Saron (hard mode)

Rings: The top 3 are BIS and the ones below are good alternatives
Trinkets: The top 2 trinkets are the 2 trinkets I feel are BIS and the ones listed below are highly recommended.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am a paladin

I am a level 80 Holy Blood Elf Paladin. That sounds like foreign speak to most of you out there but not to 11 million of you that play World of Warcraft. =)

I am bad at writing but I thought this blog would be a good idea, considering I spend so much time on WoW - a way to chronicle my adventures would be nice =)

I will definitely have to get in the habit of screen shot captures though.

For my next post, I will probably post screen shots of my character (anonymously) because she just got some of the stuff I want on my gear wish list and now she looks so matchy! *squeal! (Yes, I am a girl >.>)

Please treat me nicely! Looking forward to blogging as a WoW raider

What type of WoW player are you?

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