Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leaving My 25 man Raiding Guild

I was reading random blog entries about guilds such as giving negative or positive feedback and it made me feel quite off put about my guild. I was relatively happy when I first got invited into guild because it was an actual raiding guild rather than the previous dictatorship ruled guild that I had come from. We downed stuff in Naxx, Malygos and Sartharion with relatively few hiccuups (though some such as failed 25 man 3D) along the way. It is when Ulduar came out that our weaknesses as a guild became glaringly apparent.

Now, I understand that everyone plays this game to have fun.


When you are in a guild that raids, it is important to remember that you are part of a team. Being part of a team means you need to carry your weight. Even if you cannot, the point is to try.

Don't wipe the raid. Don't stand in crap. Stand in stuff. Don't pull aggro, do have enough threat. Don't have connection issues. Don't run OOR of healers. Don't stack up, do stack up. Follow instructions and play your role.

Your reward is the loot that the entire raid earned together. Teamwork, it's a beautiful thing - a symphony of harmony at its apex.

Now it is natural for guild members to get very close together after a long history of raiding together along with building rapport via everyday interactions. Even more natural for cliques to form especially if members are related IRL as family, significant others or friends.

In a guild that raids 25 mans, unless the roster is very stable, it is impossible to know or talk to everybody that raids. It is also quite difficult to be friends with every single person that raids. It is natural for tension/friction to form between people just as friendships/romance. It is also natural for there to be a hierarchy in the raiders in terms of performance. It is also likewise reasonable for there to be veterans along with less senior members and green recruits in a guild.

What happens when guilds reward based on relationships rather than performance? What happens when the leadership does not take initiative? What happens when veteran players are out to lunch and exceptions are made for seniority? What happens when raiders start feeling their opinions do not matter? What happens when friction does not get resolved? What happens when passive-aggressive behavior is never stemmed? What happens when raiders are unhappy raiding?

What happens?

You get gquits, that's what.


  1. and it's a snowball of KABOOM til /gdisband heh.

  2. Preach on! Like your first commentor stated, /gdisband is likely to happen...but you never know. GL in finding another guild.

  3. Main question to ask: Are you having fun in your guild, and could you have more fun elsewhere? If so, then gquit. If you just aren't having fun period, wowquit.


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