Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Screenshot Update

I've realized that many of my recent posts are long wordy blocks of text so I thought I would give my readers a bit of a break and post screenshots instead.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, no? I have to say I just have never been in the habit of taking screenshots though I should as they are the best way to document and relive moments past. Screenshots are the photograph of WoW and we should all be photographers =)

I've said before that my guild hasn't been doing so great in 25 mans due to the summer as we can barely get 2 raid days going let alone the 3 raid days that is our aim. Even so, we made significant progression in 10 man Ulduar. Though it may be because of some nerfs that we made headway, it is still a great feeling to progress.

Like an idiot, I didn't ss our Mimiron down but somehow I remembered to ss the cool gate we saw before we reached General. Oops =X
Ulduar Gateway

And of course, we can see General from here.

General Vezax 10s
The entire room is kick ass as you descend to a room of floating stained glass windows and you really feel that you are entering a decrepit lair or ruins where sleeping monsters dwell. We wiped on General but I think if we tweak the groups a bit so we have less ranged, we will have less problems with shadow crashes.

Thorim 10s
We also got Heartbreaker and attempted Thorim hard mode though the latter was much less successful.

As for fluffier news not related to raiding, I finally got the white chicken mount that I've always wanted since TBC!!! I was ecstatic when we got it. That was a great couple days in WoW for me as we had gotten a hard mode, I got a piece of loot I always wanted and to top it off was the mount. =D

White Chicken
I got a lot of random compliments on this mount. It is a lovely, lovely mount. Highly recommended!

And I also recently got a pretty Sailor Moon like object randomly from completing the fishing daily.

Jeweled Fishing Pole
I also did Heroic HoL and it was much much easier this time. I guess my group just completely outgeared the instance and made my job much easier. For Loken, he only had the chance to execute 1 lightning nova before the DPS demolished him. I think the kill time was something quite ridiculous like 45 seconds. Anyway, while clearing HoL, I noticed the resemblence to the terra cotta soldiers of the Emperor of China. Never even noticed before! Quite cool.
Heroic HoL
Finally, though I don't make it a habit to post random loot I got but I was really quite happy to get this piece of loot! So please forgive me! I won't change my banner any time soon though, I believe, as it looks quite nice and I got a wonderful badge button made by ixobelle (Thanks again)!

Voice of Reason
I want to thank all of you for reading my blog and to stay tuned for more posts.

Till next time!


  1. Grats on phat loot!

    Sailor Moon like object?... I’m still fishing with it cause I’m totally secure about my manhood.

    Ixo did a really nice job with those icons.

  2. Nice screenshots! I like the HoL one.

  3. I finally gave in and stopped pugging! I Joined a srs bzns raiding guild so hopefully I'll be able to see general and yogg sometime soon! :D

    As for Aion it's amazing! It has its pros/cons like WoW but I really do like it so far. Amazing graphics, character customization is amazing as well...the classes/skills are unique and the world is pretty insane. Battle system is very similar to wow with the controls being a bit different and having 'combo' systems and 'dp bars' (think of limit breaks / overdrive bar!) and flying is really cool as well.

    Of course there are some cons to it such as THERES NO SWIMMING, like you walk under water and start to die...some of the areas feel kind of limited like cliff sides where if you were to jump off you would just die / no way to cross over certain places without using a teleporter or taking an alternate path...also theres nothing like talent trees to separate one sorcerer from being exactly like another.

    In general its a really fun game though...feels like a game for the PS3 but an MMORPG...kind of reminds me of the .hack games in a way (BUT WITH A MUCH BETTER SYSTEM)

    ok done babbling about it n_N


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