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PTR 3.2 - More adventures on the PTR

So I can see that my adventures on the PTR got quite a lot of attention and thank you all for commenting. =)
Argen Peacekeeper
Now, it was my objective to really put myself in healing intense situations when I next logged on the PTR. It was then I discovered something about the PTR servers. Pugging is damn hard even with a much larger pool of puggers with higher gear level (via premades like mine). It doesn't stop people from dying to stupid stuff like void zones or flame walls. -.- It was one of the most difficult Sartharion 1D fights I ever had to heal through.
PTR 3.2 25 man Sarth 1D Heal Charts
As you can see, I got more used to the changes but the entire raid took a crap ton of damage. I also think some of the healers weren't that good as some of them consistently ate flame walls. It seemed some of the puggers had no clue about the new T9 gear that they could buy so some of them were handicapped in comparison to me. (Note: I didn't bother censoring as I usually do because this is the PTR, not like it is live servers. If you were one of these puggers and want me to censor, I will gladly do so)

PTR 3.2 25 man Sarth 1D Achievement
I'm just glad that I restructured my gear and I was almost full T9 or I wouldn't have been able to support my healing done. In general, I felt that haste was much more important than crit so I balanced my gear appropriately (I wasn't even close to 676 soft haste cap). In my opinion, paladins will have to settle for lower crit so they have more haste, spell power and mp5 as well as continuing to gem for maximum intellect. Mana regen is even more important than ever as spell power is easily gotten from the new gear.

T9 Stats HP T9 stats
The intellect trinkets that holy paladins have been favoring will now be more important than ever as they are the only way to supplement our loss of mana regen from the heavily nerfed Illumination. Spell power trinkets are not necessary since they do not help with mana regen at all. If you are good at heal sniping and reacting to sudden damage, then you will be able to survive the changes.

From questions in general chat, I discovered that none of the new raid instances were open. For new raid content, only the new boss in VoA was available and I had already done the 10 man version. This phase of the PTR was meant for testing the Isle of Conquest, the new 40 man BG due to come out. Therefore, I obligingly put on my PVP gear and set out to explore this new battleground.

Isle of Conquest Map
I only participated in 1 battle for the Isle of Conquest and I was decently geared as I had full Deadly gear though my spec was not precisely PVP. While running around randomly healing, I saw that there were vehicle shops ala WG but I couldn't really tell how you got the rankings to be able to go on a vehicle. I think you had a ranking from killing certain number of opponents but this was treated as a buff that fell off after a certain amount of time.

I found the new BG to be a combination of AB and WG as capping nodes was also a part of the game. I just mostly ran around healing and getting ganked though I did have a pretty startling experience getting on a catapault and accidentally catapaulting myself out, lol.

PVP Ganked
I'm guessing Blizzard is hoping this BG will be as popular as WG as their servers will be better able to support popularity in a BG rather than in a zone like WG. The 100 player cap for each side (I think?) should help shunt those disappointed in WG participation to the new BG as well.

I couldn't tell how we were supposed to win but all I know was that we lost and it wasn't a very short game but I guess I wasted time in my confusion. Time will tell if the map favors Horde or Alliance.

Isle of Conquest Battle End
I also took a gander out at other features that are due to come out in the next patch.

New Quest Log New Quest Map
For example, the new quest log or the new quest map.

Oracles Orphan
There is also a Dalaran Children's Week event on the PTR and the orphans are either from the Oracles or the Frenzyheart Tribe so you get to choose a faction like you do in Sholazar Basin. I went with Oracles. The quests seem to be similar with the Children's week we already know and love. You take your orphan around sight seeing and wind up giving them a toy.

There also appeared to be a new area to explore or maybe I never noticed it before? There was that weird mist that hung over everything, obscuring your vision.

North Sea Kraken
I observed an ancient sea kraken attacking a vykrul ship. Pretty cool =)

I also saw a named mob in the Argent Tournament. Not quite sure how this guy will come into play but it reminded me of the children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are." Sweet dreams, big guy =)

Random screenshots while on PTR:

Failed Org Bank Raid
Alliance decided to raid the Orgrimmar bank. Har har, they are robbing the bank, we get it. Most Horde took this as an opportunity to get the Make Love, not Warcraft achievement, including yours truly =)

Dancing Bears
Many druids seem happy with their skin changes and many random comments in trade about the white one being the favorite.

Rooster Mount
As I'm sure alot of you heard, PTR testers got a new mount to play with as a bonus! I loved mounting up and hearing the raucous "Buckaw!" and it was just so funny seeing it run. I love chicken mounts, so sue me =P

Amani Bears Galore
Premade characters also had it good as they all got Amani Bear mounts, which are impossible to get on live servers now. So if you always wanted to experience owning an Amani Bear from ZA, here is your chance now!

Priest Angel
I also tried very hard to experience what it was like healing as a priest but it was just not to be =( Finding a pug group that wouldn't fall apart due to the rudeness and cursing along with random DCs was just unbelievably difficult. And I even prepared with keybindings and everything, =T Next time, I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those post though it was long. Till next time!


  1. Wow, three Prot pallies in that raid? Everyone must be anxious to try out the new Ardent Defender. What were your impressions with it?

  2. @Rhidach: Actually we had 2 prot pallies and 1 bear tank. I do think that the prot pallies were a bit hardier when it came to taking big hits as we lost the resto shaman early on and also a druid. The only confounding factor was the high level of gear they received (T8/T9).


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