Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interesting Statistics to Me about Me

Matticus recently did a post about his "Surprise Statistics" so it made me take a closer look at my own. So yes, this post is going to be about me. All about me. Me, me, me! =P

I'm not going to post everything but numbers that I've pruned that I thought was interesting. Hopefully I don't get carried away but knowing me, that is likely =P

You have been warned!

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Here we go!

Largest hit received: 31,286

This is such a lie! I think this just means they don't count the overkill portion so if you get one shot by something, it just registers as your hp at the time.

Largest heal cast: 2,459,898

Where the heck is this from??

Total healing done: 4,167,510,604

Holy crap, I've done a lot of healing in my WoW "career" =X especially when compared to my damage done (888,519,041)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Why 25 man raids man may still be better in Cataclysm

 The WoW blogosphere had been pretty quiet as of late I felt but today, wow! A flurry of posts suddenly!

I know, I know, everyone has been buzzing over Blizzard's huge announcement today about 10 and 25 man raids dropping the same loot in Cataclysm.

People have been making the same points, all equally valid, about why 10 man raids will overtake 25 man raids, especially since 10/25 mans will now share the same lockout.
  1. Easier organization
  2. Intimacy & sense of comaderie
  3. Less logistics
  4. Less people necessary
  5. Casual friendly
It seems the entire blogosphere has collectively agreed that 10 mans will be much more attractive in 25 man raids. Yet I want to throw an idea out there.

I think Blizzard is amp-ing up to make an announcement for Cataclysm that will make 25 man raids more attractive than 10 man raids.

Far fetched? I think not, it really feels to me that Blizzard is setting the stage for something. And what is that something? Here goes...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gamers Can Save the World & Why I Rant

A 20 min long video talking about the possibility of gaming being directed towards saving the world.


Interesting concept, don't you think?

Also in regards to my previous post, I get that people think I am being whiny about the prospective changes when nothing is set in stone yet BUT I do think the points I make are still valid and I hope they (along with other people's feedback) are being considered by Blizzard for Cataclysm.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy Paladins Fall By Wayside Again in Cataclysm

Healing Hands, the new aoe healing spell for holy paladins in Cataclysm, sucks in its current rendition. Combine that with the planned nerf to Beacon, holy paladins are going to be underpowered, AGAIN.

Thanks Blizz. I know you hate paladins for real now.

Reasons Why Healing Hands SUCK
  1. Short range - described like a healing totem and conjecture has been the range is real short. On top of that, it depends on where the casting paladin is standing so our movement/placement is key. Yet, we are one of the least mobile healing classes! WTH, Blizz?!
  2. Short duration, long CD - It lasts 6 seconds with 15 second CD. So how effective can paladins really be as raid healers then? Sure we have DSac too but so do ret/prot! Why would raid leaders feel compelled to bring holy paladins to the raid?? HL + glyph is better in this regard since there is no CD associated with it.
  3. Not spec dependent - Correct me if I am wrong but aren't all the paladin specs receiving this? It should scale best as holy but why are prot/ret allowed to aoe heal too? Ret also has Divine Storm so now they have TWO aoe heals. This seems a bit overpowered for PVP purposes as well.
  4. Self only - Healing hands basically makes the casting paladin a "beacon of light" (hehe) so fights that means the raid must all spread out, too bad sucker! Also, unless the entire raid stays in 1 spot, our "aoe" healing spell will never be able to hit the entire raid yet the traditional raid healing classes are getting spells that hit the entire raid!

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    April Fool's Day

    It's April Fool's Day today but it is also 3 years together today too =)

    Here is to 2 fools in love <3

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