Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gamers Can Save the World & Why I Rant

A 20 min long video talking about the possibility of gaming being directed towards saving the world.


Interesting concept, don't you think?

Also in regards to my previous post, I get that people think I am being whiny about the prospective changes when nothing is set in stone yet BUT I do think the points I make are still valid and I hope they (along with other people's feedback) are being considered by Blizzard for Cataclysm.

Perusing healer forums seems to show there are also other people that think the same as me. So for those of you thinking I am making a big "fuss" now, when am I supposed to make a fuss then?

Now is the best time to make a "fuss" when nothing has been set in stone yet.

Also, I may like to rant but I LOVE my pally. I have no high level alts. All I play is my paladin and she is always holy!

Just because I complain or critique things about the class doesn't mean I don't love my class.

It's like someone accusing you of being unpatriotic just because you dare to express your opinion that happens to be negative towards the current establishment. It is the same thing. So get your head out of your ass.

People may like to pretend every thing is hunky dory but if I see something that could go awry or a potential issue, I will say something!

If I didn't care, I wouldn't say crap!

Anyway, real life calls! Till next time!

P.S. Boo, WoW Insider linked the video already =X


  1. I liked your rant, HP. I have the same concerns about Healing Hands (my main is also a Holy Pally) and I agree that there's no point in waiting until the changes are final to be concerned.

    Otherwise, what do they give us a preview for?! Everyone keeps saying to not judge things by the numbers we see now because every number is changing... but... what else do we have to compare it to?

    PS - the reference to healing stream totem freaked me right out. That thing heals even less than HL glyph. What amazing raid utility we'll have then. :( Like a gimp shaman who forgot to train chain heal.

  2. Epic Win, all I can say lol :)


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