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Interesting Statistics to Me about Me

Matticus recently did a post about his "Surprise Statistics" so it made me take a closer look at my own. So yes, this post is going to be about me. All about me. Me, me, me! =P

I'm not going to post everything but numbers that I've pruned that I thought was interesting. Hopefully I don't get carried away but knowing me, that is likely =P

You have been warned!

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Here we go!

Largest hit received: 31,286

This is such a lie! I think this just means they don't count the overkill portion so if you get one shot by something, it just registers as your hp at the time.

Largest heal cast: 2,459,898

Where the heck is this from??

Total healing done: 4,167,510,604

Holy crap, I've done a lot of healing in my WoW "career" =X especially when compared to my damage done (888,519,041)

Flasks consumed: 362 (Elixir of Mighty Thoughts consumed most at 112 times)
Elixirs consumed: 344 (Flask of Distilled Wisdom consumed most at 341 times)

I guess I've always loved me some int =X Even though I've used 5 different types of flask, the fact that I've overwhelmingly chosen the int flask by such a huge margin is surprising.

Mana potions consumed: 237 (Runic Mana Injector consumed most at 61 times)

Haha, this sounds about right. Before they made mana pots stack to 20, I had to get them made into injector pots via the old engineering kits. However, I never use mana pots now even though I don't get mana tide now in raid (T.T). I guess the gear scaling in ICC just completely negated the big mana nerf we got in 3.2 (nerfed via Illumination, Replenishment, Divine Intellect just as a reminder)

Legendary Items acquired: 4

Boo, I won't ever get the legendary =(

Total deaths: 3,595
Total deaths in 25 man raids: 1,242
Deadliest LK Dungeon boss: Loken (18)
Deadliest LK 10 man boss: Algalon (12)
Deadliest LK 25 man boss: Sartharion (16)

This really doesn't sound right because I know I had at least 20 attempts on LK 10 man to get the down and 15 for the LK 25 man kill. I guess this means that Blizzard doesn't count the deaths unless you get the kill?

Yet I've only killed Algalon once so this it a bit confusing to me. I also could have sworn I've died to Sartharion more times since my guild went through 3 weeks of wiping to get 3D (and failed as I mentioned briefly in an old post).

Deaths from falling: 30

I'm so ashamed of this as a pally =X Let us never speak of this again.

Deadliest BG: Arathi Basin (173 times, WSG is close at 145 times)
Deaths from Vanndar Stormpike: 1

I was only killed by Vann once?! Really?!

Rebirthed by druids: 106
Resurrected by soulstones: 48
Raised as a ghoul: 5

Haha, I never realized I got brezzed that much =X

Creature type killed the most: Humanoid (95637)
Critters killed: 17363

I have no comment for this =X

Total HK's: 52,686
BG with most HK's: WSG (4,712)
Arena killing blows: 481
BG killing blows: 1778

Not that surprised about WSG, it's one of the BGs that I think I tend to win in but I didn't realize I had so many killing blows in arena! LOL, me stealing KB's from my partners must have added up =P

Dungeons & Raids
LK 5 man boss killed most: Grand Magus Telestra (53, Nexus)
LK 10 man boss killed most: Archavon (36, VoA)
LK 25 man boss killed most: Archacon (40, VoA
Daily randoms completed: 106

Surprisingly boring =( I've stopped doing daily randoms now so I don't expect that number to change much. For a graphical way to present a lot of this information go to pugchecker, props to Vailladin of V Team for introducing me to this resource!


FP's taken: 442
Summons accepted: 412

I don't take flight paths anymore in WotLK but I remembered taking it a lot more in TBC but wow, 412 summons accepted is a lot!

Mage portals taken: 860
Mage portal taken most: Dalaran (678)

Haha, the perks of a mage bf ;p

Number of times hearthed: 494

Blizzard should totally include a "number of times hearthed while bubbled" for paladins! LOL

Hugs: 41
Facepalms: -

^ I guess no matter how bad the group I am in, I never go so far as to do /facepalm hehe

Playing world's smallest violin: 7

I know I only do this in PVP and that means they deserved it! Dirty alliance! jk, jk =P

LOL'd: 52
Cheers: 131
Waves: 436

Haha, I like to wave a lot, don't I? I do greet more though I think, they should add that in!

Arenas won: 572
Total arenas played: 1099
Win rate: ~52% (I calculated this)

I don't think that is a very large amount of games played but it's not very small either. I'm basically an 1800 paladin I think since I have been unable to break 2200 =(

3v3 matches: 825
3v3 victories: 423
Win rate: ~51% (I calculated this)

Eh, could be better but I would need to devote way more time to WoW than I am currently able to do =T

Highest 3 man rating: 2141 (my personal/team rating statistics are the same)

I remember that day, we were sooo close but then we dropped back down to sub 2100. Haven't gotten a good streak again since boo! =(

BG's played: 461
BG played the most: WSG (110)
BG's won: 355
BG won the most: WSG (93)
BG win rate: ~77%
WSG win rate: ~84%

I guess this means I'm in good shape for Cataclysm when BG's are going to be more popular than arena ^.^

AV win rate: ~60%
AB win rate: 83%
EotS win rate: ~90%
Isle win rate: ~61%
Strand win rate: ~68%

I calculated all this myself but I'm surprised my EotS win rate is that high. I notice that the larger BG's I tend to do the worst in and that is not surprising when you consider the "weight" of an individual's performance. My performance will not matter as much in a 40 man BG compared to a 10 or 15 man BG.

Anyway, I enjoyed going through my statistics. Hope you found it as interesting I did for myself (probably not =P)

Till next time!

P.S. Thinking of doing a PVP BG's post, what do you think?

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