Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stars H LK Kill

Stars 3 Healed HM LK with a Holy paladin, Holy priest and Disc priest. No mana tide totems! Seriously full of respect for this holy paladin in terms of their mana management skills. I've done some HM LK attempts and I hate how low my mana goes.

I have A LOT of real life stuff going on so my posts are going to be ultra sporadic. Just warning you guys.

I have been trying to keep up on Cataclysm stuff but to be honest, the entire game is changing for holy paladins so it'll probably take a bit of time for me to process. I don't watch videos or look at much of the new content, I've only seen the general overviews of paladin changes on MMO Champions because I don't want to be completely in the know when the expansion comes out. I still want to retain that feeling of awe and excitement that I had in WotLK when I was questing with my boyfriend. So if I make any posts about holy paladins changes, will probably be after Cataclysm when I can actually play the new mechanics. =P

As for how my checklist of WotLK stuff to do before Cataclysm is going, not too well =(

  1. Get over 9000 achievement points - I am around 8400 8700 achievement points atm.
  2. Get a Solace trinket to play around with
  3. Get a new weapon! And a whole bunch of other gear on my list
  4. Complete ToGC 25 - all I have left is Anub'arak
  5. Level an alt to 80. Currently, my DK is at 70 and my priest is in her 40s so we'll see which one is going to hit 80 first! =X DK at 71, priest at 60
  6. Get maxed mining on one of my alts.
  7. Try to complete the legendary. This is likely going to stay a dream. I actually have a better chance of getting Shadow's Edge than getting the legendary T.T (I already have the 2 quest items)
  8. Aim for the Ironbound Protodrake!
  9. Maybe the 10 man Frostwyrm? Likely another pipedream as I don't do 10 mans regularly enough =(
  10. Hit 100k gold on my paladin for Cataclysm (only 50k 70k right now).
  11. Freaking kill Archimonde! (Only TBC raid boss I have NOT killed)
  12. Get a bridle for my squire
  13. See 25 man Algalon and try to kill him! 
  14. Get exalted with Consortium and Lower City 
  15. Get Loremaster before Azeroth gets destroyed
I've been pretty content in WotLK, my character has reached the furthest progression it's ever seen and nearly BIS everything. Pretty happy with the pace I've been going at, only raiding 2-3 days a week.

Anyway, till next time! =)

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