Saturday, January 30, 2010

Commenting Courtesy

Hi all!

Though I am a very inconsistent blogger, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my 5 man healing post was very well received and linked on WoW Insider to boot!

I figured it out when I came on my website one day to see 10 new comments on the post when I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 on a post. One of these comments came from an infamous blogger.

Said blogger's comment consisted of only an url linking to their version of a 5 man healing guide. I can appreciate people having their own guides but why can't it come with a little comment such as "oh, I covered this and that in my guide that you didn't, here is the link" rather than just posting the link.

I found this comment somewhat rude but I thought it would be ruder to just delete the comment without explaining the reason even though I have had my disclaimer on commenting on this site for quite a while now.

As a fairly inconsistent blogger, my blog is fairly susceptible to random comments by bots or random people trying to drive traffic to their site. Even though said blogger might not have been trying to drive the huge spike of WoW Insider readers to their blog, it really was just intolerable to me that they posted only a link of their post without even bothering to state their intentions behind it.

I had already written a post about said blogger already and they were kind enough to state their own point of view (I visited their site after the post and the armory character was switched to alliance paladin, didn't catch name). I also noted that I was included in said blogger's side panel of blogs they read.

However on another recent visit to said site, I discovered I was removed and the armory character also completely removed. Though I have only a humble site, I am kind of shocked that said blogger is that piqued all because I deleted their comment. It just signals a hissy fit to me.

Yes, I know screenshot or it didn't happen but sadly enough, I have no screenshots.

The point of this post is that I have a message.

You tried to get free clicks but it didn't work...
You mad? Too bad, grow up!

As for me, I will still continue to link said site in my little side panel of blogs I read because there is useful information. I have only just discovered that I can dislike bloggers despite their content.

Anyway, till next time!

P.S. I might regret this post but it really irritates me that someone is blatantly trying to get free clicks on their link while playing it off as if they aren't doing that. It's fine if you think your post is better than mine but God, at least have the balls to goddamn say it!


  1. 5-man healing guide was awesome.

    Aw man, neverclear armory isn't there anymore :(

  2. Racist against trolls, eh, eh? Ya mon! I suppose you'll be deleting orc comments next as well! I'm complaing to Thrall.

    Ahem, sorry, frivolity aside - your 5-man healing guide surely deserved its publicity, although what do I know, I'm a real man, I heal in a sissy robe not this platemail nonsense.

    Comments invariably make me happy and I love "ooh this post inspired me to write [link]" or "was musing on something similar but not quite the same [here]" but I have to admit I occasionally get a bit grr about comments that are blatantly just an excuse to pimp out a random post on the same subject. Also it kind of boggles me a bit - it's not like my blog is going to give them a tonne of traffic or anything :P

  3. Sounds more like you were already prejudiced against Ferraro due to the whole blogging scandal a while back (I think you just commented on that scandal pretty recently with one of your posts) and now you're just overreacting to the whole thing.

    Ferraro posted a link to his/her own 5-man healing guide with nary a comment on your own. I would think that being the inconsistent blogger that you are, you would just take it for face value and not assume there was some kind of hidden meaning behind it, regardless of how Ferraro meant it. Sounds more like you're trying to incite drama.

    "You mad? Too bad, grow up!"

    Pot calling the kettle black, much?

  4. @Jong: TY for the compliment! Yeah, I don't know what the deal is with the armory thing either.

    @Tam: Yeah, it is definitely mind boggling to me too

    @Celeres: Maybe I am prejudiced, I don't know.

    As for overreaction, I don't think I am because all I am doing is writing a blog entry about the whole thing - aka my opinion. You know, the reason why I even blog? Like, why you're here?

    As for not assuming any hidden meaning behind the link, erm, so if someone has nothing to say about it except a link to an old post, you wouldn't think that they wanted people to read theirs instead? So you wouldn't think they were trying to make people read their old post, hence the free publicity bit? Okay.

    And nope, it's not the pot calling the kettle black because I'm not mad AND I don't comment on Ferraro's posts with links to my old posts.

    So, ty for your opinion, Ferraro fanboy (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    There's no sides to take so no need to try to play White Knight.

  5. I meant the "grow up" bit. You shared your opinion and I shared mine. And to the fact that you left my comment and didn't delete it, I applaud you.

    However, turning around and trying to trivialize my comment while feigning neutral ("fanboy" and "not that there's anything wrong with that") seems a little... immature and manipulative.

    I'm not really taking sides here, as I'm addressing your reaction and your dedication to your crusade (admirable in other areas of your life, I'm sure). You and Ferraro sparred a little bit on the original 5-man healing post in the comments.

    Then, you dedicated a blog post to him/her but for some strange reason, you chose to keep Ferraro's identity anonymous in this post but linking to the original 5-man healing post to put the sparring on display?

    Just seems to me that you're throwing as big of a hissy fit you accuse Ferraro of throwing.

  6. @Celeres: Nope, not throwing a hissy fit.

    As for not taking sides, "manipulative" "immature" - gee, you sure have not taken sides. You act as if my little site can actually contend with or influence Ferraro's monster of a blog.

    And btw, why are you picking a fight with someone over the internet?

    PS I don't need to delete your comments but I think I will now. I don't care for your "compliments" or "good opinion" from someone like you.

  7. I agree leaving only a url in a comment box sends a very poor message, like "already discussed this, your opinions are redundant". I thought your guide was excellent and joins others as must reads for new holy pallies. Ferarro was so much better before all the ridiculous drama.

  8. @ithilyn: Exactly my point!


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