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Pugging 10 man Sarth 3D (Zerg)

This is a very old unpublished post (at least 2 months old) that I dug up. I just thought that I should finally publish it since I did make the effort to write it.

I still don't have the 25 man Sarth 3D achievement as of this writing. I still want it. I remember back then, our guild went through a lot of pain trying to get it but certain key figures really held us back. So painful.


Any horror stories?
Ever since MMO-Champion linked the Russians zerging 10 man Sartharion 3D, puggers went wild with excitement as the zerg method trivialized a raid instance that had up till then been regarded as highly tuned.

With that said, even though the strategy has become much simpler, it does not mean that 10 man 3D zerg is easily puggable.

On my old server, I had previous experience attempting to complete a 10 man 3D but we wound up wiping all night as a 3 tank, 2 healer set up. My healer partner was a resto druid, not my usual kick ass priest partner (who has since quit wow as I mentioned in my previous post), and was in bald terms, really really bad.

Since transferring to the new server, the massive Horde population can and do pug everything and anything under the sun - 25/10 man Ulduar, ToC, etc.

One night around ~12ish, I saw someone advertising for 10 man 3D zerg for healer and dps spot. It is usually not common for healer spot to be open in a 10 man zerg so I offered my services.

I hadn't ever thought that 10 man 3D zergs would use holy paladins to solo heal. I wasn't confident I would be invited, but lo and behold, I got one - I checked and the raid leader was a prot paladin.

I felt a little self satisfied, I've always felt that fellow paladins tend to give each other the most chances to prove ourselves though we tend to also hold each other to higher standards (Ex: All paladin 10 man Ulduar as suggested by Jong!)

Maybe it's a little late for me to be wanting to do 10 man 3D but I've always wanted to finally do 3D in both 10s and 25s even if it is an outdated achievement.

Solo healing the instance, trash and all, required me to be on my feet but it wasn't an arduous task at all. Surprisingly, no one died at all on trash.

However, when we got to the actual zerging...

Sarth Os

Someone in the group had a pet that would aggro Sarth and despawn him. Then we would all ride up into position and wait for him to pop. This was so we would gain 2-3 extra seconds of DPS time.

The only issue was that despite the RL advertising in trade for 4.5k DPS, there were definitely people that did not fall into this category (2 shadow priests, the hunter MD-ing, the RL's ret pally friend). On top of that, there would be people that ate the flame waves or stood in void zone. I can heal void zone but not flame waves too, people!

On tries that everyone survived, there wasn't enough DPS because Sarth would go immune.

It was quite frustrating. Some people slowly got replaced and what had been a more melee heavy group became more of a caster friendly group.

Healing wise, I definitely don't think it was an issue (though I am biased =P). Prior to the Beacon changes, I admit I would just Beacon myself because I couldn't trust the use of Beacon (I found it so unreliable) but even so, I found I had to Beacon myself anyway as I was semi-tanking the little drakes from heal aggro.

Admittedly, I was in 4 piece T8 so I definitely over gear the place. Still, better late than never, am I right?

Finally, after 2-3 hours of wiping and clearing trash again, we got the achievement!

Even though I have the achievement and title now (along with the drake!), I still want to redo 10 man 3D but with the "proper" strategy (I still have my 4 pc T7 too!). It's a matter of principle.

Even then, despite people belittling those that zerg 10 man 3D, it still requires a certain threshold to pull it off, be it a combination of skill/gear/output. In the end, all of the DPS actually did average out to 4.5k dps per person and honestly, it seems most puggers can't put out those numbers.

I'm actually kind of grateful we wiped so much for the achievement. I think if we had gotten it within only 10 tries as the RL had originally predicted (he had prior experience pugging zergs), I wouldn't have felt the same satisfaction in downing it. It would have cheapened the whole experience. I just wouldn't have felt the same sort of euphoria at finally getting it down.

With that said, it would completely suck that we wiped so much and never got it.

Sarth 10 3d Black Drake

And I got the drake =)
Happy Thanksgiving! Till next time! =)

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  1. Grats on the drake! That thing looks so much better than any of the other non-protos.

    I pugged a 10man Sarth 3D on my paladin as well, and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought. One tank, one healer, 8 dps. Took a couple tries for people to get the feel of it, but when they did, Sarth went down faster than AIG stock.


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