Saturday, June 5, 2010

Legendary Drama

Ever since this orange mace came out with Ulduar, it's always been the subject of much debate.
  • Who's gonna get it?
  • How do we decide who gets it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Can we make it?
  • Why didn't so-and-so get it?
  • Do we really have to farm it?
When Ulduar was the biggest, baddest instance out there - there was no question about it, you had to farm the legendary or try to if your progression wasn't up there.

Now that there are two raid instances out above Ulduar's loot level, many people even question the worth of a legendary mace's presence in the raid. There is a tremendous time involved to farm the necessary amount of shards on top of the needing to be in a guild able to kill Yogg Saron to make the mace.

This is even harder when you take into account all the different raids one can complete in the week that all give out item level loot equivalent or higher than that or 25 man Ulduar.

And on top of that, all heroics reward Triumph Emblems, which can buy 245 item level gear. Though some guild's like Larisa's don't mind farming it even now, many guilds have members that are unwilling to farm it or go back to Ulduar.

So with all that in mind, why is it that people still get mad over who gets the shards?

Case in point:

My guild originally had 1 healer, resto druid A, that had been in the guild the longest. The healing core slowly did a complete turn around, beginning with my recruitment. It had been decided that this 1 healer would get all the shards and subsequently, she received 3 or 4 fragments.

Then, she went AFK for quite a while from healer burn out and another resto druid (B)that had slowly been building reputation with the officers (then became one himself) became the recipient of shards, especially since he already had 10 fragments from his previous guild.

Now, I have always had 1 fragment with me that I managed to get my grubby little hands on from a pug in my old server. So when we did Ulduar this past week since our shard recipient was not there, the GM asked us
who would like the fragment and to state how many shards we had, if any.

Resto druid A happened to be in the same raid but she didn't post so I just said in raid, me? along with the sentiment that I have 1 shard but I don't care really. Then to my surprise, a whole bunch of other healers post including resto druid A. So I figure, oh well it makes sense for the fragment to go to resto druid A since she has the most of the bunch and she was originally the shard recipient before she went AFK.

I teleported to where my boyfriend had summoned a Dalaran portal and took it. To my surprise, that is when the GM decided to award me the fragment. I went, "WHAT?!" amid pm's of congratulations.

To be honest, I was really happy I got the fragment even knowing the slim chance of completion but there was obviously some dissent. This was underscored by the fact that the co-GM felt compelled to explain why the GM had given me the fragment, which I won't get into right now.

Even so, does it really matter at this point?

Many current legendary possessors have taken to the healing forums bitching about the legendary not keeping up with the times. The complaints were to such an extent that Blizzard was compelled to state that in no way would the legendary be upgraded again beyond its current 245 item level as WoW is a game meant for upgrading gear and a legendary does not mean it is the last weapon you ever need as a healer in this expansion. Hell, my current weapon is a bit better stats wise than the legendary!

Even if resto druid A felt wronged, it honestly didn't matter because who is going to help me complete the mace? It is a collective, group effort that our guild has already shown to be near nigh impossible as we barely even do 25 man normal ToC to farm Reign of the Dead or Solace of the Fallen. The only reason we were doing 25 man Ulduar was to farm more block gear and we stopped at Auriaya. Our raid schedule will only get all the more tighter as ICC is slowly, completely released.

I really didn't understand the huge fuss, especially when ilvl 277 weapons are out along with the ilvl 264 weapons currently available.

Why make such a big deal over something that could possibly, maybe happen if the stars align?

I had to shake my head about this but I suppose with legendaries, there will always be drama. Surprisingly, I haven't heard much drama surrounding Shadowmourne. Hmm...

Anyway, here is my question for you readers, I'm interested in your feedback.

Do you think you would be upset if you hadn't received the fragment?

Hope you share your opinion! Till next time!

P.S. This is an old story and this guild is dead =(
P.P.S The legendary is still really good for holy paladins just because of the proc, 3rd BIS according to my lootrank sheet.

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